Surprise, your Mistress has sent you a package!

Don’t you just love the ways your mistress shows up in your life, letting you know that I am thinking about you? I know that you are thinking about me too because I own you… every inch of you including your thoughts. Naturally, you are going to be constantly reminded of me!
You open up the package and find that there are a pair of thigh highs and high heels. I’ve watched you fuck and suck so many times now, I know your body to a tee and everything fits you like a glove. Inside is a note, instructing you to get dressed and stand in front of the mirror. I want you to play with your titties and say “I am owned by Mistress The Queen” until your little clitty is so hard that it is throbbing.
Once you have done that, you may come over to my house so that my boyfriend and I can whore you out.
His brother is here today. My boyfriend has told him all about our little pet and he is dying to use you like a toy. I just sit back and watch the show as the guys fill every hole. Open your mouth WIDE sissy girl, my boyfriend’s cock is nice and thick! Can you feel his rock hard crank in the back of your throat?

Suck him off good if you want to feel that cum splash all over your face!!

His brother wants to get a taste of that sweet ass he has heard so much about… you watch me as I stroke his cock behind you, spitting on your tight little ass hole and playing with your cheeks while your panties dangle from one ankle. I guide his cock into your tight ass hole and he hastily pushes it in. Does it hurt? Sorry! It’ll feel good soon, my little whore– open up wide for your mistress! He’s going to pound away at your ass while your mouth is full until both of them cum. You aren’t finished until they are finished!