Miss Jenna Teaches Sex Education

Standing in front of a room full of overly sexed teenagers might make some women feel uncomfortable, but for me, I felt empowered. I wasn’t like the other teachers in this upper-middle-class school. I had a wild side and most of the students could see it. Even when I dressed as professionally as possible, I could still see male students, and even teachers, squirm in their seat to hide their ever-growing erections. It was a pleasure to hear I was picked to teach this year’s crop of seniors sex education.

Walking into the classroom, I got the usual glares from the girls and smirking smiles from the boys. I walked up to the board and gave the introduction to the class. A roar of immature laughter filled the room as I uttered words like sex, condoms, abstinence, so on and so forth. If these stupid fucks only knew half of the education I could be giving them, they would faint in their seats.

I shook my head and continued with the lesson.

Midway through the class, I noticed one boy in particular who wasn’t laughing, but rather listening intently to my lecture. The intense look in his eyes made me raise an eyebrow as I caught myself noticing this young man’s striking good looks. I directed the class to write a short synopsis of what they learned that day as I sat at my desk watching him write. Boy, could I teach him a thing or two…

The bell rang and the class exited the room. I called for the young stud to stay behind so I could go over his paper. Nervously, he stood at my desk tracing his finger along the wooden edge. I asked him if he felt like he learned anything new in class today. Without a hint of hesitation, he quickly answered, “No.” I smiled as I stood up and walked around the desk.

“What do you know about masturbation?” I asked as I walked close enough for him to feel my breath on the side of his neck.

“Um, I guess I know enough, Miss Jenna.” He replied.

“Show me what you know,” I said calmly as I tapped his zipper with my nail.

His hands began to tremble as he worked to free his growing cock. I was surprised to see the not only was this student a stud, but he had an amazing dick as well. He held it in his hand and awkwardly began to stroke.

“No, no, no…You’re doing it all wrong.” I said, “Let me show you how to do it correctly.”

I spit in my palm and grasped his throbbing cock. He stumbled back on my desk as I jerked his cock with long and steady strokes. With my other hand, I grabbed his full balls and squeezed them. He began to moan as my strokes grew faster and harder. He gripped the edge of the desk as he let out one final grunt as cum shot onto the floor. I was disappointed, but I can’t say surprised, by his lack of stamina. He was, after all, a 17-year-old boy.

“Tomorrow we will work on lasting a little longer.” I said with a sarcastic undertone.

“Okay, Miss Jenna… Thank you.”

“Now keep our private lessons to yourself or you will lose the best fucking tutor you will ever have.”

“Yes, Miss Jenna. Our secret.”

I wrote him a note for being late to his next class and sent him on his way. I could see myself enjoying teaching Sex Education this semester.

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