Being pretty has it’s advantages! I’ve always been able to reel in the big fish if I ever needed too. I’ve been on my own since I was 15 years old and I had to make money some type of way. So I would go to the fanciest bars in town and flirt with the men with money! I’d bat my eyes flash a sexy smile and have them eating out of the palm of my hands, and then next thing you know they are buying me expensive gifts and paying my rent! This game is not for the weak at heart, I don’t mind of you are easily persuaded to empty your wallet out to this tight piece of ass!This one guy was a much older than me, I won’t say his name because that really doesn’t matter, he was looking for a tiny cute girl that would boss him around and order him to pay for my services if you know what I mean! If he was a good boy, I might let him cum, but that wasn’t often! He would crawl on his knees like a little bitch while I saddled him up like a horse and told him to nay like one! The funniest shit ever, he would just open up that wallet and lay hundreds of dollars on the table! One night I felt like testing his limits, I decided to trick him into thinking I was actually gonna fuck him! Just thinking about this is making me laugh, how could he think that I was gonna fuck him, then I would lose my leverage I’ve worked so hard to build with him. He came over around 11 pm at night, I guess he had to wait until the wife and kids were all nice and tucked in. He was wearing a trench coat like I’d asked and when he opened it up underneath was black leather speedos and he was wearing the nipple clips I told him to wear. Soon as he came in I had him on all fours kissing my feet, he loves feet, and making him act like the dog I knew he was! It was like the more I bitched at him the harder his dick got and the more money I got out of him! I would tell him that nobody could do to him what I was able to do, and he believed every word from my mouth! It was like I had him in a trance. I’d dare to say he was, he would beg me if he could just touch his cock just a little and I’d deny him, he had to beg and I still wouldn’t let him touch the little pathetic cock! After 45 minutes the tip of his cock was so red, I’d figured it was time to let him release, I’ve teased him enough, so I told him he could touch his cock and release himself, a huge cum load burst out of his red cock, cum was everywhere it was like fireworks shooting out of his cock! He was so relieved he left me the biggest tip to date, he couldn’t believe he came that much and so hard by little ol me bossing him around and telling him what to do! I made him clean up his mess and sent him on his way, I whispered to him same time next week!



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