Tonight is the three year anniversary of one of my favorite mind control stories.

When this client first called me, I had no idea of the beautiful (and twisted) mind control stories that would cum from our phone humiliationship. New callers seeking femdom often tell me they’re “shopping” for a new full-time Mistress. I try not to count my submissive chickens anymore. But this caller brought to life some of my darkest fantasies, even ones I didn’t know I had.

Let’s call this client “M.” M and I started our long calls innocuously enough, with him wearing multiple pairs of panties (usually boyshorts, his favorite) and pissing them for me. He was the first client to ever buy a pair of my piss-soaked panties. From the beginning, our calls usually involved some element of forced intox. M’s drink of choice is Corona, and of course, his mean Mistress teases him about this. When he’s gotten really wild, he’ll get shots from the gas station of something sweet.

M is the only client I’ve ever had alcohol enema phone sex with. That’s right, he took one of those Coronas he enjoys so much and drank it with his OTHER hungry hole. His asshole. As far as alcohol enemas go, beer seems the least dangerous to use. Less potentially “risky” than vodka, anyway!

For me, the hottest part of our calls is my total psychological control over him.

To exert complete psychological control as your phone sex Mistress, we need to really delve deep into your “background” during our intake sessions. I’m talking about your childhood, your formative sexual and shame (however related or unrelated they are) experiences. You must be like an open book to me. Even more open than you already are, because as you’ll soon realize your new Mistress is borderline clairvoyant. It’s a blessing and a curse, let me tell you.

I think humiliation and nurturing are two sides of the same coin. To be good at one, you must be good at the other. And to be a phone sex Mistress, beyond good: adept. For our humiliation phone sex to penetrate the deepest, darkest, most hidden parts of your troubled psyche, we have to have moments of total candid, honest vulnerability with each other. Some other Mistresses disagree with me, but I think it’s best if that vulnerability goes both ways. Just like with “real” sex.

M has gone dark, disgusting places for me that would make your average submissive shrink away in horror.

But M’s not afraid to go above and beyond for his beloved Mistress/Mommy. Our “food play” games get pretty extreme. It’s not just what I “make” him eat (i.e., dog food), but how I eventually “make” him throw it up. And guess what I make him do with that vomit? Hint: waste not, WANT not!

Want to hear more of my twisted, taboo mind control stories or, better yet, co-author one of our very own? Call me. I’m right here, waiting to CONTROL you.

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