Mind Control Sex Stories – Owning Her Mind, Body & Soul

Mind Control Sex Stories – All started with the way she walked. Anna’s amazing ass had always fascinated me. Whether I was watching my cock slide in and disappear between those sweet cheeks while I fucked her doggy-style, or watching her slam down onto my shaft in reverse cowgirl, I often lost myself in amazement at its curve and softness. Without a doubt, my red-headed playmate has the most spectacular ass I have ever tasted.

Which is one of the reasons I spanked that sweet ass so fucking hard? The harder I spanked her, the more she seemed to succumb to me, fall under my spell and I was able to control her mind. Mind control sex stories can be so hot.

I was behind her, mounting her from behind, my hands on her hips, when I heard it: a giggle. She had giggled before, but this time it was different somehow. Maybe it was me. Maybe it was the cycle of the moon or the time of day, but I felt the need to take control of that giggle surge through me. My cock hardened more than it had ever before, and, as I thrust deep into Anna’s wet pussy, I l slapped my open hand down on that soft, peach of an ass.

The sound rang through every nerve in my body.

It was the most intoxicating feeling imaginable, and, at that moment, I drove my cock deeper than I had ever before. The giggle was replaced by a gasp. A loud gasp. I slapped that ass again, harder this time, and Anna squirmed. No fucking giggle his time, you red-headed little bitch. The voice in my head as new, too. Powerful. Strong. Unwavering.

Everything changed for me that afternoon. As I hammered my cock into Anna’s sweet pussy, again and again, my hand rang off her ass until she was red from the spine to the thigh. And when I came that day, which I did deep inside her, it was with such intensity and such power that it almost caused her to pass out from the explosion. I drove deep, caring nothing about her comfort or pleasure. At this moment, my hand poised to strike one final time before I drained my cock, I felt total control.

And at that moment I knew: I owned Anna. She was mine, and she would be trained as I alone wished for her to be trained.

Mind control sex stories are so much more than just a game, they can be the best sex and total mind fuck you have ever had.

Mind control sex stories

To be continued

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