Mind control sex stories make married men so weak for me!

There’s just something about mind control sex stories that drive married men crazy! Your dick is starting to get big and hard already isn’t it? Just the thought of being controlled by a tiny teen like me is driving you crazy! Even though you’re married you just can’t resist the temptation. My sweet young voice makes you throb and ache to have what you know you shouldn’t.  Well, I wonder what your wife would think if she knew you were drooling over someone young enough to be your daughter? I bet she would be pretty pissed.

I know exactly what I’m doing when I lure you in. You want to be the next victim of one of my mind control sex stories, don’t you? It’s ok I won’t tell if you won’t. Besides, I think it’s pretty hot that you’re my dad’s age. What would you be willing to do for just a taste of my tight teen pussy? The sight of my round bubble butt bending over in front of you and wriggling back and forth pushes you right over the edge.

Before you know what’s happening, your hand is stretching out to take a feel.

My ass is so much tighter and rounder than your wives isn’t it? That’s not the only part of my body that’s way tighter than hers is *giggles*.

Tell her that you’re stuck working late at the office tonight. I wanna hop up on your lap and wriggle around. As soon as my sweet voice starts whispering in your ear, you’re a total goner. Everything that I do to you, or allow you to do to me is going to come with a price. Of course, by the time you realize all that, it’s way too late for you. You’re exactly where I want you…wrapped around my little finger.

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