Milking Station: Taking Control of Throbbing Cocks in the Glory-Hole

While Breezy and I were gone, I found out a few new kink clubs had opened up in my absence. This new club was called the Milking Station, and it was an experience I wanted to attempt alone.

The main one being, I wanted to be in total control of everything for this evening.

While getting myself ready for this exciting evening, not knowing what to expect, I began to get butterflies. Those same butterflies, I couldn’t figure out why. Over the summer I had sucked and fucked my way through the Caribbean to fix this. Never the less I got ready, putting on the tightest black dress in my closet.

I made my way to the club, a very unassuming outside.

Not even a sign identifying the club entrance. There was just a very large man standing outside of the door, not even a line. Walking up to the doorman, he opened the door for me. Completely shocked, I am sure the look on my face was priceless. There were no words or checking of my ID, he let me right in. It was obviously going to be a great evening, this was the first time I hadn’t been carded in quite awhile.

Making my way through the lights and music to the bar, I ordered myself a glass of champagne.

It must have been obvious that I was new to the scene. The bartender struck up a conversation with me about the Milking Station. He gave me a rundown and details on what would happen and when it would happen. It turns out everything is anonymous, two random people are picked and put into a room together, never having met the other person before. My heart began to race faster, my cunt started to drip with cum just listening to what the night promised. The thought of being in total control of a stranger’s massive cock turned me on so much.

I have fucked and sucked my share of cock, but I’ve never been in total control one.

The fact that I am able to control the sensation, and when this individual came, was such a turn on I needed to excuse myself to the bathroom. Trying not to ruin my new dress from all the cum running out of my pussy. While exiting the restroom there was a woman standing, waiting for me. Finally, it was my turn to enter the Miking room. As we entered the room, I  took my dress off, getting completely naked.

Sliding myself under the Milking Station table was even more constricting than I had previously read about.

Noticing the body length pillow was surprisingly comfortable. I laid there admiring my body. Suddenly, a massive cock slid through the hole in the top of the table. Shoved behind that dropped a massive set of balls too. This cock was staring me straight in the face, for a moment I couldn’t do anything except admire this massive cock.

As I reach up and begin to slowly run my fingers up and down the shaft, I could see this man jump towards the Milking Station.

The wriggling as I slowly caressed his massive cock, turned me on. He was so excited pre-cum started to drip from his cock. Wrapping both of my hands around his massive cock, I began to slide them up and down. His cock flinched and his balls tightened as I started going faster up and down his cock. I leaned up and spit on his cock just to watch it slide down his shaft.

Mr. Anonymous’ grunting in enjoyment, got louder. That meant the Milking Station attendant must have been doing something right.

The tip twitched at first, swirling my tongue around the head of his cock. His jumping slid his cock a little deeper into my mouth. Grabbing his balls slowly, sliding his cock even deeper into my throat with ease. His cock slid in and out of my throat as I began caressing his balls. Everything tightened as I made love to his cock with my mouth.

Next, it was time to pull his cock out of my throat and make my way to his massive balls.

Jerking him off, I tried my hardest to shove both of his balls into my mouth. They were so big it was difficult at first, but after getting them all wet, they slid in just fine. He moaned as I jerked him off faster and harder. While licking his balls and the shaft of his massive cock, my pussy started pouring out cum of my own.

There was no need to even slide a finger in, knowing as soon as he came, id cum too.

As he slid his cock into my mouth one last time I could feel it, his balls tightened up so hard and he let out a loud grunt. Quickly pulling his cock from my mouth, I awaited the shower of cum. Wanting cum since I walked in to bar, heaven is the only way to describe my state of mind. Mr. Annonymous let out a massive cumshot all over my face that ran down my chin to my nipples.

There was so much cum, after the first huge load there must have been 4 or 5 smaller loads.

With my cum covered face, I licked his cock and sucked the remaining cum that was still dripping. Finally, using his cock to push his cum into my mouth, and swallow it all. Being in control was one of the sexiest, yet nerve-wracking things I had done in a long time.

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