Mia’s Rape: The Time my Teacher Kept me After Class

I was 14 when I lost my virginity but I had only had sex a couple of times. I’d mostly been with boys my age as well. I was still pretty innocent at 15 when rape was my fate. I had no idea that my teacher had intended to get that out of me. To use me like that.

He was my favorite teacher. The teacher paid so much special attention to me and I probably should have known better. He kept me after class almost every day. I had his class every other day but we spend a lot of time together. Talking about studying, talking about life. We had a very special relationship.

That day was pretty normal. I had my favorite class so I was excited. We weren’t required to wear uniforms but I still wore a skirt every day. I loved how they looked on me and made me feel. I also had on a white t-shirt. No bra, I don’t need one! Pink lace panties(those were my favorite too!).

Anyways it was a normal day, the class went as planned and I stayed late just like I always do. I did notice that during class he was looking at me a bit more than usual.

He seemed to brush past me more often as well. At the time I just brushed it off.

Then we were together in his classroom alone. He put his hand on my thigh but I didn’t think much of it. I kind of brushed that off too until he started pushing his hand further up my leg. I tried to wiggle away but he kept going until he was up under my skirt. Sir, what do you think you’re doing? He explained to me that he thought he was getting his payment for all the help he had given me. I tried to struggle away, I cried, I screamed. He forced me, my first rape. Interested in the details?

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