Now, you already know, I am a wild child these days. In fact, I have been trying all kinds of new things. So, when my one fuck buddy suggests some Memorial day fireworks fun, I am all in, baby!

Of course, he doesn’t mean the fun of the fireworks show, peeps. He means us taking risks to have some hot public sex. Hey, I am definitely up for this challenge.

I am not sure what his plan is yet. But, I know he will have an elaborate plan in mind. He is smart and creative so, we will be fucking in style. Our town has two big fireworks shows.

For both, we can have our Memorial day fireworks fun in many different ways.

Personally, I like car or truck sex. Or some low profile fucking on our blanket on the ground. Of course, we have to choose our location carefully. We don’t want any little ones around us.

This is all about the adults getting down and dirty with some funky risks too. Just telling you about is getting my pussy wet! I have two sets of friends that have pulled it off before.

One couple had the blanket in the back of the park on the ground for their Memorial day fireworks fun. Then, she wore a skirt. That way, as they are making out and ready to fuck, he can use the skirt to disguise what is going on.

Of course, those of us with them knew what was happening.

It was so fucking hot watching them fucking while no one around us has a clue. I was masturbating in the dark; they so turned me on. A guy friend with us threw a blanket over his lap so he could jerk off at the same time.

The other couple was at the show by themselves. He has a really nice truck. It is on tall wheels. So, they were in the back of the truck with a blanket, making their Memorial day fireworks fun was super hot.

As everyone is focusing on the fireworks, they are fucking like bunnies. She was even able to scream out some, and no one was the wiser. Only one old pervert guy watched them and jerked off at the same time.

She said the old guy shot a huge load when he came.

Too funny. Of course, I am hoping we can do this without any old creepers watching. Although, I do love an audience. In fact, maybe it would be fun if we are near some older folks.

That way, they can get the benefit of our Memorial day fireworks fun too. Hell, who knows, we may get the older people fucking with us. Of course, they could be prudes and rat us out.

Change of plans on that. Find a blanket space away from most people, especially older couples. We want to have a successful night, not get busted or arrested. Yikes!

That would definitely put a damper on our Memorial day fireworks fun.

We plan to put our blanket down around trees away from the main crowd of people. Then, we can make out and have fun as everyone else is focusing on each other or the impending fireworks.

Once the fireworks start, I am climbing onto his lap and hard dick. I will smoothly ride his cock until we cum together. If it is dark enough, we may risk some other positions.

I am so excited about our fun! I know a lot of my callers during my fetish phone sex are craving public sex! Want to play? Call me!

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