You don’t deserve me do you?  You know you are not worthy of my sweet candy.  You would do anything to get my attention.  You have a habit of falling on your shitty knees, just begging and pleading to kiss my ass.  Humiliating you makes your ego flop but your dick come alive!   Not to mention the way I laugh at your ridiculous pathetic ways to catch my eye.

For instance let’s talk about the time I made you shove that feather duster up your ass.  What did I make you do.  I made you do it on cam so I knew you weren’t deceiving such a divine voice-tress such as my self.  I made you dust your apartment top to bottom with that thing sticking right out of your ass!  All of that you did just so you could kiss my sweet little candy ass.

I think I may just have to go on about you.  Let people know what a fucking loser you are.   How you let me use you as a comfy seat and I just sit on you for hours.  Just edging that cock away with you.  Sometimes I don’t let you cum for days.  However when I do you are the most thankful.  Aren’t you, you little fuck-tard!  Begging me for hours to give you some attention.  Should I tell everyone how I sit back and rub my pussy while I make you drink your own piss.

I know you love it when I tell you what a piece of shit you are.  I know you love it when I make you stomp on your food before I let you eat it.  No worries,  loser.  I will tell everyone how I let you kiss my ass at the end of every humiliating gesture you do for this Princess!