Masturbation is the Key!

Who doesn’t love mutual masturbation?  I’m already a habitual masturbater, but when its freezing outside there is no better way to warm up than staying in be with my toys.  I have a wide variety and breaking them for some mutual masturbation fun is the best.  I mean, who doesn’t love to rub one out with a buddy, right?  Stuffing my hole is just what I need to get my blood pumping!

Today is no different than any other day.  Its freezing outside here in Jersey and I am tucked away in my bed.  My arsenal of toys is by my side and I have some porn going on my laptop… What do you think I could be missing?  I am missing someone to be naughty with!  Love hearing guys masturbate.  I love the squishing sound of the lube on their cock, the heaviness in their breath, but most of all, I love the shit they say when they are about to cum.

 Isn’t it wild the stuff that comes out of our mouths while we masturbate?

 Its like our inner judgment fades away and the only thing we can think about is that release.  The beauty of phone sex is that feeling of ambiguity.  Knowing that you are in the safest possible place to explore all those taboo and kinky thoughts that pop into ours heads while we fade away into a world of exploration.  You may never let a girl in real life slide a pinky in your ass, but when we are in the moment, you just might give it a go.  Hell, you just might LOVE it!

Let’s explore out bodies together.  Let’s teach each other new and exciting ways to masturbate and cum like we never have before.  I know I’m always game to try something new.  That’s the joy of a no taboos girls and a judgment free zone!  Let’s kick winter to the curb and stay warm together!

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex!