Every once in a while I like to just take a day to myself to lay in bed and masturbate!

I’ve been pretty much a pro at masturbating for just about as long as I can remember. I remember my first vibrator. My mom actually bought it for me! I remember the first time I tried to masturbate. I was so curious what would happen and it surprised me so much the way it felt when I finally came for the first time! It was like an explosion!

When I masturbate and finally climax, it truly does feel like a high to me. Like being a drugs. I feel at times like I definitely may be addicted to the feeling. My toy of choice when I’m trying to pop off as many orgasms as possible is my body wand. The magical body massage vibrator from heaven! My husband actually bought me the one I have right now as an anniversary present a couple of years ago. I absolutely LOVE that thing.

When I masturbate with the body wand, I can just lay there and cum over and over.

one orgasm after the other. I’ll even get a little too carried away sometimes and make my pussy sore. I’ve never said this to anyone but my husband before, but if I’m using my body wand on my bare skin, I’ve even made myself bleed from powering through too many orgasms!

My husband is so used to the way I masturbate and my compulsive habit, that I can literally just ask him to leave me alone in the bedroom for a little while and go do something else while I have a few minutes of “me time.” Ryan is never offended at all. He sometimes will try to take advantage of my wetness and knowing that I’m in the mood to get off, but often he won’t even do that!

Ryan and I have plenty of time together, and as hard and intense as he makes me cum (and trust me, the man gets me off good!) it’s just a totally different feeling when I masturbate with my vibrator. The orgasm even feels different. Now, don’t even get me started on how INCREDIBLE it feels to have my husbands huge cock filling me up and making me cum. While I use the vibrator on my clit and cum at the same time from that! It’s like a double orgasm!

Give me a call to hear more about my addiction to my vibrator. I’ll tell ya all about using that body wand to worship my own little clit!

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