Masters Of Sex – A Virgin Sacrifice is Needed

Masters of sex aren’t show stopping porn actors! Really? In fact, it is my belief, that the REAL Masters of Sex never even knew WTF Porn was. Why? Because they are our ancestors. Think about it. It may creep you out to know that your Great Grandad to the umpteenth what ev’s was one of the true First masters of sex. Think about how far we go back. People, I mean. We’ve been fucking forever. Procreating. Fucking more leads to more Procreating. So On and So Fourth.

True Masters Of Sex

With all that said. Im Sure There were some *cough* PRUDE bitches? and in loo of my absolute favorite Holiday EVER… I give you.


Sacrifice a Miss.



On a Dreary Cold October Night,

The Ravens Sqawk and Hiss

For They Are Calling of The DEAD

To Sacrifice a Miss


Her Hymen but in perfect tact,

her face yet still perfection

Knows NOT that on This Hallows eve

She’s required of the affection


Arise in Thousands…


Dead men will arise in thousands

To pluck the cherry from the tree

She can offer or be rid of

Such sought after Virginity


The dead aren’t finished with her

This tale is not yet done

For days after she’s held captive

and used for Dead man’s Fun


They Gnash their teeth into her flesh

her sacred gift now Lost

They Crave the taste of blood yet Still

Only Miss can pay the cost


She may weep and fight and scream

but it will never stop the pain

Dead Men walk one night on earth

and shant be seen again


The next October see,

When the moon is full and right

You’ll hear the Ravens sqawk and hiss

To warn the virgins plight


So Please Be Sure to listen

Girls of young pure innocence

The dead men lay beneath us

your virginity their pence


Those of us who give it freely

Those of us who give it well

Never saw the dead men

and Lived to tell the tale


Take Heed My Warning…


Please Take Heed My Warning Virgins

of that sacred gift you keep

When it’s time to pay the piper

you will be the one who weeps


Just Stave off the dead men

Though you can’t just run away

You may outwit the dead men

when the time comes for you to pay


They’ll arrive at you so hungry

Starving wild and meek

If the Fruit Tree is now Barren

you no longer will they seek


The Reaping.


Take Heed My warning Virgins

The reaping comes so soon

Each October in the dark of night

Under The Fullest Brightest Moon


Give your Gift on Halloween

To be Rid of This damned curse

You can Choose who gets your gift

Who gets to have you First?


Ignore my warning virgins

Choose to think its all in fun

Be it YOU that’s this year’s Harvest

A thousand dead men and you’re done


I’ve told My Tale of Sacrifice

Of pure innocence blood shed

Each victim of the dead man’s path

now walks the earth undead


They are wounded yet not bleeding

They are sad yet they don’t cry

Tongue removed there is no speaking

No voice to question why


But Ears Are left to listen

To Hear the Dead men walk

To spite the rude reminder

Listen as they talk


They know no peace…


Take and Heed My Warning Virgins

No more question as of why?

For the virgins who’ve been harvested

Know no Peace, they will not Die.




Masters of Sex



Oh, my God so fucked up right? So I did one of 2 things either I turned you on or scared the fuck out of you. Either way Now when you think Masters of Sex you won’t just think of all these fuck studs on Porn. You, yourself maybe one of the hottest Masters of Sex. I do enjoy a Good Master.

Enjoy your Halloween!


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