I Give The Best Massage With A Happy Ending

I have magical hands that can make any man melt. One boy was lucky enough to get a massage from me and most of him melted, although one part of him stayed nice and hard. Well, it was nice and hard until I started to take care of him then it turned into a cum shooting geyser.

I dimmed the lights and lit some candles, making the room all nice and cozy then invited him in. He stared at me, running his eyes over my black panties, bra, and thigh-high nylons and I began to undress him. I rubbed over his crotch as I undid his zipper and felt a small bulge. I gave it a squeeze then took the rest of his clothes off. When he was naked I told him to lie face down on the bed and put some vanilla scented massage oil on my hands. I then got on the bed and straddled him, putting my hands on his shoulders.

I began massaging him, slowly kneading my fingers into his muscles. Then I felt him relax under me and I pressed a bit harder, working him until he moaned. I moved down his shoulders and back until he was a soft puddle under me then stop. I got off him and told him to roll over onto his back. He did and I saw how hard his dick was, throbbing in the air and just waiting for me. I ignored him even though I wanted to suck him off so bad and put more oil on my hands.

I then straddled him again, keeping his dick behind me and started massaging his chest.

He laid there with his eyes closed, one hand stroking my nylon covered leg and I could feel his heart pounding under my palm. He pushed up when I got to his lower stomach and I just knew his dick was leaking pre-cum all down his head. I stopped massaging him and turned around so my back was to him and that tasty dick was in front of me. I put my warm, slick hand around it and began sliding it up and down his shaft with slow steady strokes. A clear drop of pre-cum slid out and I swiped it up with my thumb.

I began rubbing his head every time I stroked upward. He made the sexiest whimpers ever. I used my finger to stroke the underside of his head and the combination of jerking his dick, rubbing his head and stroking his underside drove him crazy. I cupped his balls in my other hand and fondled them while I stroked him faster. He moaned louder and his dick was throbbing so hard in my fist I just had to keep going. My fist pumped away as my hand massaged his balls and he put his hands on my hips, holding me and panting behind me.

His balls jerked up and cum began to shoot out of him, landing on my fist and dribbling down.

I kept jerking him off but went slower until all that sticky goodness was out of him then slid my hand over his shaft one last time. He gasped as I brushed over his sensitive head and I climbed off him. I silently slipped out of the room and left him there in the quiet darkness to relax.

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