The Man With Two Dicks

Want to know why Santa brought me two dicks! Where to start, I guess like any good XXXmas Story…the beginning. I guess you can say I had been a good girl all year, for the most part…

I always make a wish to Santa, every single year. How do I make this XXX wish? I am about to tell you. The first thing you must know is that everyone does it differently. You have to feel it deep down in your most favorite body part or parts. It works even better if you are cumming when you make the wish. You have to put yourself in a complete sexual paradise, alone, or with a partner. Whatever makes you happy. It’s pretty much like making the pixie dust work in Peter Pan. Just think happy thoughts, but a lot more sexual.

This is how I make my XXX wish. First I strip down all the way. Then I put on a long sheer red robe. I prefer to make my wish alone. I hate being distracted. After that, I pull out my favorite Christmas-themed toys. I have a large array. The one I love the most is my double dick Candy Cane one. That way both of my holes can feel pleasure. Then I lay back and let the toy do its magic. While you are enveloped in that sexual experience, just concentrate on your wish. Whatever it is you want. After you cum you just have to wait. Sometimes the wish will come true, sometimes it won’t. Well, this was my year. My wish actually came true.

I was out Christmas shopping, everything was just as normal as ever.

I was wearing a cute little Santa outfit. Love getting dressed up for the Holidays. My hands were filled with bags. They were getting quite heavy. I was about to call it a day when my phone rang. So I went to reach in my bag to pull it out. I was not watching where I was going and ran right into some guy. I immediately said I was sorry. My shopping bags flew everywhere. He, being the gentleman he was started to help me pick them all up.

Something I always notice on a guy is the bulge in his pants. This guy had an abnormally large bulge in his pants. So of course I stood there and made small talk with him. Small talk turned into flirting. Flirting turned into well him back at my place. We were on my couch getting into a very intense make-out session. Then I moved my hand down to his dick. He stood up, smiled, and dropped his pants. Then…then…I saw it. Or should I say I saw THEM? Yes, them…

I gave him a funny but exciting look, and he just nodded. I then realized my Christmas wish had come true! Wished to meet a man with two dicks. I always wanted to know what it would feel like to fuck a man with two dicks. The pleasure it would bring to have a dick in my pussy and one in my ass without all the fuss of finding two men for the night. But there they were like a wonderful XXXmas miracle. There was one larger dick, then the other one was right underneath just a bit smaller.

Of course, I had to try everything I have been dying to try.

First off a blow job. It took me a little bit to figure out how to blow both dicks at once but trust me, I got the hang of it. Now, I won’t lie. He was not the best at eating pussy, but I think you would agree that a man with two dicks does not have to be good at that. He was not bad, just he just was out of practice. I am sure women go right for the dick and don’t even worry about getting their pussy eaten.

He laid back for me, his two dick stood erect and ready for me. I will admit, I was a bit nervous. I am hardly ever nervous when it comes to sex. But this was a dream come true. The first thing I did was slip the first dick in my pussy, then the second in my ass. I instantly came. But I kept going. I fucked him harder than I have fucked a man before. It was the best sex of my life.

Now, I bet you are wondering more details…like if both dicks can shoot out cum. Well, you are just going to have to call me for Phone Sex and to find out all the kinky XXXmas wish details!

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke