The beginning of my Magical Seduction through incest began as a child.  In a small hamlet on the outer edges of the French countryside, I lived with my older brother, Blade. He loves me and takes care of me and my virtue, since our parents died of Cholera when I was a baby.  Blade is a tall man, with dusty-brown hair, thin, strong lips and eyes that rivaled our dog, Rusty.  He’s the Lord of the Manor for our King and as such, he commands great respect…and other things, from the king’s subjects..I am one of those subjects.  Heehee.  Cum into my young world and live the tale of Blade and his baby sister, Josette Marie.

Blade worked tirelessly for the people of our hamlet, but he was also known to wield a heavy blade.  I believe he GREW into the name…There was no way for mother and father to know he’d grow so large and imposing.  Men feared him and women…well, FEMALES of ALL AGES quivered in his wake, even if he didn’t notice them.  He was a MACK, looooong before there was such a thing. LOL.

I had spent month after month, year after year doing everything that Blade needed from a female.  I cooked, cleaned, laundered, nursed back to health…everything.  Well, up until a certain age…I THOUGHT I had done everything.  CUM the morning of my 18th birthday. I’d cumpletely forgotten all about it.  We lived in a time where each DAY survived was to be noted.  Not celebrated…but, certainly noted.  These are treacherous times, my friend!

Blade was also an even-tempered man, known for being fair.  So when he came home one day filled with the fire of the devil, I knew there had been a “shift” within him.  After dinner, I asked if he wanted to tell me what had happened to change my jovial, good-natured brother into the sulking man who sat before me.  He began telling me of a chance encounter with a man claiming to be a sorcerer and I cringed.  Even I knew to steer clear of people of that ilk.  My poor brother ALWAYS thought himself above any possibility of hexxxing. We were about to find otherwise!

When I reached out to his massive forearm, he recoiled from my touch.  Then he LUNGED from our wooden table and came across, knocking me backward to the floor, with him on TOP of me.  The sounds he made caused a stirring inside me. First grunting, then a huffing that gave way to moans and and gyrations.  I was shocked…at first.  Then I felt the size of his still growing cock.  He held me to the dirt floor of the cottage and ripped my panties from beneath my skirt, pulled out his cock and SLAMMED it deep inside me.  And that’s when I SAW it!  Blade’s eyes! They glowed in the fading light of day and I knew the man he’d met earlier had hexxxed my big brother!

Blade grunted and moaned and whimpered as he violated his little sisters tight, wet pussy. Then he began anew on my ass! But, not just ANY ass pumping…NO!  Blade was filled with a magical, sexual demon that would NEVER be denied. He’d bring me to the edge of eXXXtasy, then back away to renew his assault on my pussy.  Back and forth he went until the dawning of the new day.  I could barely walk for a week.

Blade has apologized myriad times over the cumming decades, but he has NEVER rid himself of his demons…Despite the locks placed on my bedroom doors, he has kicked them all in and has routinely taken what he needs from me…What else can I do? Before the infestation of the magical demon, Blade was the best brother. Always my protector…he still is.  Only now, my protector, is also my lover and my demon.

Want a little magical adult phone chat to hear about the ass worship bestowed upon me by my own brother?  Call me.  I’ll have you FEELING like you’re taking what you need from me too.  Just like my big brother!