I Got Tired Of Lusting For My Hot Son And Finally Took Him!

I got tired of lusting for my hot son and finally took him…well maybe I finally let him take me! That’s exactly how I felt about Andrew and frankly, I got tired of it. Andrew is my hot son and he has grown into a very good-looking man. I mean, the older he gets the more he reminds me of his father when we first met. I think of his firm young body on top of mine and I find myself starting to think about him whenever my husband and I have sex, which isn’t as often as it used to be. The thought of Andrew is what gets me off these days and I got a bit too loud during sex, crying out as I pretended it was his last night.

The next morning, I ran into Andrew in the kitchen and he blushed when he saw me. I knew he had heard me having sex with my husband the night before and had liked it. I wondered if he had jerked off before bed, while thinking of me and wished it was him who was making me sound like that. Little did he know that it was definitely the thought of him that made me sound like that. I stood behind him and stroked his hair, as I told him that I hadn’t meant to be so loud last night, his father rarely pleasures me like that anymore and I got carried away. Then I sat down and pretended to focus on my coffee, as his hand went over to mine and he told me that he was here for me.

I acted like I didn’t know what he meant and he told me I was still an attractive woman and dad should be glad to have such a hot MILF like me.

I hinted to him that his father wouldn’t be home for a few hours, thinking maybe he should show me what he meant. After all, I was really getting tired of lusting for Andrew and needed to satisfy my insatiable curiosity. Anyway, he looked at me with surprise and I stood up, to lead him upstairs to my bedroom. My hot son hesitated in front of my bedroom door, but I continued on in hopes that he’d just follow anyway, despite being a little nervous. I really wanted to fuck him, in the same bed his father sleeps in and occasionally bangs me in. I started undressing him and he pushed me away, his nervousness was getting the better of him, but I couldn’t stop now. He saw that look of lust on my face and soon he got bolder by the second.

Andrew began to undress me and he saved my panties for last, he slipped them off before gently coaxing me to lay down on the bed. He leaned over me and kissed me as his hand explored my body. He slipped between my legs and I parted them, so he could feel how wet he was making me. Then he shifted and nestled himself between them started to enter me with his hard, young, throbbing cock. He did it slowly and I groaned as he filled me, better than his father ever could.

Andrew gave a few thrusts and I put my leg around his waist, holding him right where I wanted him and urged him to fuck me, as I’ve thought about for a long time now.

He got into a steady, hard rhythm and I could feel him rubbing past my pussy walls, as he went even deeper. I clenched my pussy around my hot son’s cock and rocked my hips up to meet his thrusts. I put my arms around his neck and moved with him as my pussy throbbed.

My juices leaked down my crack, as he moaned louder and my body shuddered as I came under him. I couldn’t believe at that moment that my hot young son just made me cum and in a way, I haven’t come in a long time. He kept going, panting as my hands tensed up in his arms and then I ran my fingers down his back. I felt him swell and he groaned into my neck, as I could tell he was about to cum deep inside of me, but I wasn’t about to let him cum in my pussy! That’s when I slid out from under him, grabbed his cock and placed it in my mouth.

I loved the taste of his pre-cum and my juices mixed together.

At first, my hot son didn’t want to blow his wad into his mother’s warm mouth, but after some convincing, he didn’t hesitate to grab the back of mommy’s head to fuck my face. Soon thereafter, well it certainly wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened next, but I assure you that when you call, I will give you every juicy detail and then some. For the very best incest phone sex, you know where to find me!

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