I own a lucky little slave boy.

He is lucky, of course, just to be owned by me.
He was EXTRA lucky last weekend, because I took him on a special trip! You see, there are some pets you leave at home when you go on vacation. There are other pets, like my lucky little slave boy, that you bring with – so they can serve you!

On this particular trip, not only did I bring my obedient little slave boy to serve myself, but I also invited 5 of my friends to come with me for the weekend. I knew all of us could use a little break from reality. And a little pampering. Okayyyyy. a LOT of pampering! My little bitch boy was to spend the entire weekend serving us in any and EVERY way that we desired.

Before we left, I took my little pet to have him properly groomed for our trip! šŸ˜‰ I strapped on his wrist leash, and off we went to the beauty shop down the street. I love taking him there, because all the girls know he is my pet. He loves it too, because he gets a chance to show off his best manners in front of his Goddess.

After a proper waxing and trim-up, we went home and packed some of my little slave boy’s cutest outfits, complete with panties of course! And headed in the direction of the ocean. We reached the beach house before the girls arrived, and I set my little pet about getting things in order. He put on his prettiest pair of red panties trimmed in black, I strapped his collar around his neck, and attached a pair of clover clamps to his nipples for the duration of the night. Next he filled the vases with fresh flowers, put a bottle of wine in the ice bucket to chill, and then went to the kitchen to prepare some amusing little treats for us to snack on with our wine.

In the meantime, my girlfriends started to arrive. One by one my politeĀ slave boy showed them to their rooms, carrying their luggage. Per my instructions, each of my girls brought along a weekend’s worth of sexy lingerie to lounge around in. I had locked my poor little pet in chastity just before we left, and I giggled a bit even now, thinking of how those spikes were going to dig into his poor little owned cock while my sexy friends pranced around in almost nothing, ALL weekend long! Of course, we had plans to let him out every ONCE in a while. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to serve our every need AND desire!

Once all of us were relaxed, a little tipsy, and a lot horny, I called my fuck puppet into the living room. Ever the good boy, he knelt down at my feet when summoned. Patting his head affectionately, I informed him that it’s time for him to serve in a different capacity. I slipped a blindfold over his eyes and he stood in front of me, awaiting my next command. In the meantime, I motioned for all the girls to stand up and switch places. My blindfolded slave boy had no idea whose legs I was shoving him between! I pulled a pair of lacy panties to the side, shoved his nose forward, and commanded him to lick; until SHE said he could stop. “If you’re an EXTRA good fuck toy and do a REALLY good job, I might even let your cock out to play!”

Did I? Or did I leave him locked in his chastity device, precum dripping constantly from the head of his cock as he begged for relief?

You know how to find out.Ā 

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