Hate sex isn’t something I’d ever thought about, until…the asshole at work started my gears.  What a fuck-face he is but, he’s the bosses kid, so… He started with his sexual commentary that left me blushing after most meetings. Then, he started groping me in the breakroom.  After work?  Fugetaboutit! The man became an octopus with hands everywhere at once.

Never letting on to how fucking hot I felt being harassed by an asshole, I literally CREAMED when he cast that scowling face upon me.  Oh!  I acted like I hated him too and, on some level I truly DID!  He’d treat me like a bitch and it eXXXtended to the bedroom, or steam-room, or…giggle.

So, this particular day at work was like many others but, he called me into his office to chastise me about the length of my skirt and called me a whore! Oh, way to get the juices flowing, idiot!  First, he tugged the bottom of my skirt and it fell to the floor, then he lifted my blouse and BIT my belly…HARD!  I slapped his face in a way that nearly GUARANTEED my unemployment, but that shit HURT!

Way to find out he’s also into PAIN, Jo-Jo!  We found out a LOT about each other that from day forward because we tested the boundaries of the fucking UNIVERSE!  I slapped, he choked, I scratched, then he stroked.  We kept it just inside the limits of NSFW, but there were scars…LOL.  Bruises and scratches are hard to hide but, delicious just knowing they’re there!

Each night at 5,  my hateful lover will drag me down the hall by my hair, and hate sex me, & take what he wants and toss me aside like his workplace trash!

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