Submissive Is How I Like My Men. Rough Is How I Like My Sex

Submissive is exactly how I like my men and rough is the only way I take my sex. At least that’s what Paul thinks! Pauly is my little submissive bitch and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s just the way it is. He’s my little bitch and I am his master, there’s nothing my little submissive bitch wouldn’t do for me. Pauly has been drooling over me for the past twelve years and it wasn’t until recently I allowed him to be my submissive bitch.

We were out for drinks one night, again after years of him begging to be my little submissive man and I felt the sudden urge to slap him in his face. The moment my hand-made contact with his skin, I instantly felt a huge rush cum over me. He was shocked and I was excited. The contrast in our reactions was enough to send me right over the edge. As Pauly sat there with his hand cupping his face, I couldn’t help but imagine how good he’d look on my bedroom floor.

I could picture myself stepping on his face with my high heel shoe, while he looks up at me admiringly.

I wanted to at that moment spit on his face, grab him by his ear and yank him out of his bar stool. And that’s when it dawned on me. If this man has been willing to TRY whatever it takes to get into my panties, then he’d be willing to DO whatever it takes to maybe have a chance. So that’s when I gave him to option, to either keep trying or to be my full-time submissive bitch. He made a good choice obviously.

When I brought him home, I immediately put a collar and leash on my new submissive pet. I stripped him down, gagged him and gave him his very first lesson in being a true submissive bitch. His first lesson in being MY personal little pet to be more specific. Once Pauly was beginning to get used to his new role, I ordered him to the floor. I told him to crawl over to me where I was sitting and to bury his face right in my sweet pussy. I made it clear that if he did a good job, then he would be allowed to pleasure my cunt whenever I needed it and he jumped at the opportunity.

With each stroke of his tongue, I could tell that he truly had to wait 12 agonizing years to do this.

He came within the first three licks, without even touching himself. It was then that I knew just how good I was about to have it, from then on out. He licked me until I came all over his face and then begged to continue. Throughout the whole night, I allowed Pauly to service me in various ways and I didn’t even give him the chance to pleasure himself, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t bust a nut.

He pleasured me and I abused him into the morning. I roughly jerked him around, I teased him and I, of course, denied him. Pauly was powerless to me and my demands. He begged and begged for that sweet release, still, I denied him. He worked his submissive little ass off and I still wouldn’t bend to his will. When you’re my little pet, you are expected to do as I demand and you will get little to no reciprocation. That’s the name of the game and if you can’t handle it, then you will be punished. Do you want to know if I let Pauly eventually cum or whether or not I’ve at least let him cum since? Then call me and perhaps I will be gracious enough to tell you and maybe I will let you cum. You will definitely be making me cum, without a doubt!

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