My body is nice and ready to masturbate. I’m waiting for you to call me.

I am lubed up with warm vanilla oil, loving how it feels to masturbate. It’s covering my entire body and I continue to massage it into my sweet skin. I can cum from nipple stimulation alone and I’ve already started rubbing them. Palming them, pinching them, rubbing the warm oil into them. They are hard and my pussy is dripping. I continue to play with them, massaging them passionately. My head thrown back, and my body arched. I am so close. I pinch them hard one last time and cum hard.

Then I can feel my clit throbbing, just screaming to be touched. I love a good tease so I slowly work down my belly, over my hip bones, across my landing strip, and down my thighs. I move my fingers and hands to my inner thighs and softly move them up close to my pussy and back down again. So I start to move back up and massage my thighs right beneath my pussy.

I slide my left hand back up my body and softly play with my nipple. With my right hand, I start to lightly stroke my soft, clean shaven pussy lips. They’re damp with my sweet juices. My pointer finger and ring finger stroke my lips and I slide my middle finger between. It slowly moves over my clit and over my slit, spreading my wetness all over. It feels so fucking good to finally touch my throbbing clit. I almost scream. I’m moaning loudly and my hips are rotating, grinding against my fingers.

My pussy is begging for more pressure.

I push my palm against my clit and start to move my hips up and down. Grinding hard against my hand. I’m barely teasing the entrance of my cunt with two fingers. I’m so fucking close to cumming. My hips move faster and I’m moaning over and over again. Suddenly I can’t hold back anymore and I burst into orgasm. My legs shake, my eyes roll back and close and I moan incoherently. My pussy pulsing against my hand. God I feel so good and I’m not done yet

Stay tuned. My G-spot needs some attention, next up: I’m gonna squirt;)

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