Love Free Sex Stories? Well This Is The Blog For You!

Love free sex stories like I do? Well, this is definitely the blog for you! Twice a week I sit down and write out one of my many naughty adventures! Yes I love writing them out, it gets me hot going through the details all over again. But my main thrill is getting them out there to you! I love knowing that you are sitting there on whatever device you’re on, reading my free sex stories and jacking your dick!

I sit here typing and imagine that you are placing yourself in my stories. In my incest stories, do you imagine you’re my son? Maybe my dad?

I bet you put yourself in my hubby’s position in my cuckold sex stories, right? And all my many lesbian stories (what can I say, I love the ladies) I can see you putting yourself between us, picturing how you could add to the fantasy.

I also bet that when you read the stories of when I was super young, it makes you want to call me immediately to have a super hot ageplay phone sex session with me! You imagine acting out those dirty adventures with my young teenage self. I’ll admit, I love when you call me to do that! Sometimes, ageplay makes for the best phone sex! Don’t get me wrong though, it isn’t the only type I like! But you know that!

I can’t choose a favorite. I’ve tried and I just can’t! It’s a curse I guess! But that’s one of the amazing things about me! It’s cheap phone sex! So we can try it all! And we can add to my free sex stories too! So what is your favorite hot phone sex subject? Share it with me and let’s play! Tell me all your stories and let me tell you mine!