Live Dolls. Have you ever heard of them?

Live Dolls are exactly what they sound like: living dolls. There is one big twist though…most live dolls are grown men who like to wear rubber masks and fake female body parts. They dress up as dolls and often live a big part of their daily lives that way!

Often, Live Dolls will wear corsets and bodysuits to shape their figures into the appearance of an actual doll. Something about that turns me on in a crazy way. I’m intrigued by the idea of fucking a guy dressed up like a doll. Looking up into that blank rubber face above me and feeling the nylon of the dolls body suit rubbing against my skin.

I must confess I’ve been masturbating to the thought of it. I want put on my strapon and pound the fuck out of her Live Doll pussy while I stare down into her blank smiling face. After that, in all my fantasies, she takes off her pussy sleeve and whips out a huge cock. I’ve loved dolls my entire life, and have been masturbating to the idea of fucking them for just as long; some have even been inside me and helped me reach climax. But a huge cock bearing down on my pussy and a doll face staring down at me turns me on like crazy.

I just want to grab onto the strings of her corset and force her cock as far down as it can go.

I can be a bit dirty time when I’m in bed, I also want to swap cum with a Live Doll. After getting her as close to climax as possible, I want her to finish her big load in my mouth. Then, with her perfect doll face smiling back at me, I want to swap cum. And by this point in my fantasy, I can’t hold my climax down and I cream all over my vibrator.

This is a reoccurring fantasy of mine now, ever since I watched that documentary on Live Dolls. It just sounds so hot and weird to me. Which is always a fun combination!

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