Little Dicks Give Me BIG Giggles!

I guess I have been lucky about cocks in recent years. I had forgotten there were little dicks out there looking for pussies to crawl in to. Was young and inexperienced the last time a had a small cock in me. Now that my pussy has tasted a few, I have refined my tastes and know what I like – to be FILLED. Last night I had a very different reaction from my playmate’s boner.  The last time I fucked a mini schlong it did nothing for me but now I have discovered that little dicks make me giggle!

My girlfriend has kept telling me about this hot  new sales guy at her work. She has wanted me to meet him so she arranged for us to have coffee. It went great! He was sexy, well-dressed and groomed, and charming. We made dinner plans for last night. The date went off smashingly! Great conversation, tons of flirting, I could not keep my eyes off his gorgeous face. He has the most alluring mouth with a seductive smile. When his lips curl into a smile you are drawn in and want to taste him.

After dinner he took me home and we were sitting on the couch still talking, when he smiled again.

I couldn’t help it! I leaned in and pressed my lips to his. His mouth parted and our tongues began to tangle with each other. His hand cupped and teased my tits. I lost it, the sexual tension between us was so intense! I climbed into his lap our kisses became hard and penetrating, as we heavily petted each other. Then I felt his thumb find my nipple through my shirt and bra. He rubbed it hard and I began grinding on his crotch. My pussy wanted this hot male specimen SO bad! He pinched my nip through the fabric. I rubbed my still-covered pussy against his pelvis as my panties dampened in anticipation. I slid my hand to his waist and opened hs slacks. Slid that hand in his boxers, seeking a big hard cock to please me.

It took me a second to understand the little hunk of rigid flesh I found was his cock!!!

I forgot all about the damp spot on my panties and that aching throb was forgotten as well. I cupped it like I would have held a cute baby kitten but it was NOT cute. Cocks are supposed to be big and strong, all grown up! This little guy must have gotten stunted. I felt bad for him but sure as hell did not want to fuck it. What would be the point? That tiny dick could not give me any pleasure. As I gawked at that tiny weenie, all the jokes I have heard rolled through my head. That COCK was a joke! I tried to stifle my giggles, but I could not repress them. He looked surprised and questioned “What?”.

Still giggling I tried to wave it off “You know….”.

“Know what?”, he pressed.

“The jokes….”, and before I could stop myself I started going….

Your doctor called he said you had a small problem. You have to put the seat down to piss, right? Do you piss on your nuts? Do you rent out the Hubble when you have to piss? Never seen a cock that can masturbate through the slits in a fork or that could screw a pasta strainer. *giggles* I never knew you could have a belly button under your stomach. When a cop frisks you and they ask, “Sex change?”. When you go swimming in cold water, does your dick get bigger? You could use a thimble and string for a thong. Ever find yourself standing next to a light switch naked all day crying. You got less meat in your pants than there is in a vegetarian restaurant. *uncontrollable giggles*

He looked a little wounded but not surprised.

But that little stump was rigid hard between my thumb and forefinger (that is all it took to hold it!). He looked at his little man meat in my finger and I could feel a weak little jump in it, that little guy was still eager. Steven asked, “Should I just go?” I shrugged not really caring  either way at this point. “I don’t care, but that tiny cock satisfying me would be “Mission: Impossible”, sorry babe. His shoulders slumped and he looked disappointed.

I giggled again thinking he could not be as disappointed as I was. Feeling a little bad I chimed up, “Hey, you could eat my pussy…” Then the giggling returned, “… but don’t expect it back. I can not put small objects in my mouth – I might choke”.  He actually grinned and perked up, as his eagerness returned. We all know you guys with little dicks LOVE to munch that pussy!

 His face was sexy and hot at least. It already made my pussy juicier than that itty bitty weenie did!

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