Listen While I Get Fucked!

When I’m getting fucked, I love to have someone listening to me as I moan and scream. There are lots of times when I’m feeling horny (all of the time actually lol) and I’ll call up a fuck buddy so we can fuck and cum hard for a guy while he jerks his cock off on the phone.

It’s just another form of group sex, and I personally think it’s fucking hot! The other night when I got home from the club. I let a guy listen to me get my pussy ate by one of my drunk friends. We were both drunk actually, but the guy didn’t give a fuck. He just had a great time listening to my friend lick and suck my clit.

The last time my boyfriend fucked me it was so good that the neighbors heard me begging him to fuck me harder and harder. They were beating on the walls, trying to make us shut up. They even called the apartment manager and reported us. When the manager came to the door he told us about the complaint. My boyfriend offered to let him come and watch him fuck me in an effort to settle the complaint. The manager didn’t think twice. He came into the bedroom and watched as my boyfriend reamed me in the ass like I was a cheap prostitute in Nevada. The apartment manager even offered to lower our monthly rent if I sucked his cock while my boyfriend blew my asshole open with his thick dick.

Having cheaper rent is the best thing IN THE WORLD!

So, basically, I have no problem having my boyfriend or one of my fuck buddies (who I have on call when me and the bf are on bad terms) to cum over and fuck my brains out while you listen on the phone. Just give me a call or shoot me an email and I will be ready to take a big, throbbing, dick in my holes just for you! What you hear will change your sex life FOREVER!

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