The Complete List of Fetishes- Volume IX Dirty Fetish #81-90

List of Fetishes – Volume IX #81-90

This is part 9 and this particular batch is making my pussy throb!! Then again lots of things make my pussy throb. Here at the Kinky Kingdom we have THE BEST phone sex operators but  that specialize in every single one.  In this ten-part series, I will define all 103, as well as highlight those that are personal favorites.  Think you have what it takes to indulge me in my kinkiest phone sex fantasies?

82SalirophiliaSoiling or dirtying others*
83Sexual fetishismNonliving objects
84Sexual sadismInflicting pain on others**
85SomnophiliaSleeping or unconscious people***
87SthenolagniaMuscles and displays of strength
88StigmatophiliaBody piercings and tattoos
89SymphorophiliaWitnessing or staging disasters such as car accidents
90Telephone scatologiaObscene phone calls, particularly to strangers; also known as telephonicophilia and scatophilia****


List of Fetishes that Cream my Panties

* Salirophilia – At this point, we all know Maritza is a dirty little cum slut who loves hot dirty sex. Let me ride that cock nice and slow, you cumming Papi? Let me know Pa so I can pee on that cock while you shooting that hot load.

** Sexual sadism – Whipping, flagging, canning. 50 shades of bruising make my pussy dripping wet. Pick a safe word maybe I will stop if you scream loud enough.

*** Somnophilia I recently did a call like this. His wife was passed out drunk. I could hear her snore and grunt while we fucked like rabbits next to her. I pulled her skirt up exposing her ass. He pulled out of m pussy and came right on her ass.

 I cleaned her ass with my tongue.


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