Lipstick Fetish

Have you ever seen a woman’s lips and become entranced? Lip Liner applied flawlessly, her perfect pout beautifully traced with care. Lipstick fetish that will make you weak in the knees. However, with My Personal Lipstick fetish, I always want to wear a shade that reflects the deeper-most sexual parts of me.

Nights, when I’m feeling particularly daring and especially dirty midnight black, is the only shade that transitions to the way I yeard to be fucked, hard, deep and brutal. In the lipstick fetish world, there is something about a slut sucking the soul out of you and leaving onyx shade rings around the base of your cock.

Where does your lipstick fetish take you? maybe you like wearing it? Watching it applied.

My Lipstick fetish always makes me want to leave rainbows…
All those pretty shades of lipstick, left in rings all over that
the thick shaft of yours.

I wonder how many games we could play with my lipstick? I would love to write a note on the mirror for you after our hot ass one-night stand.

Again, I will admit, there have often been certain “pet” names written on me in lipstick, that have soaked my thighs before the writing stopped.

There is just something about the right sexy glossy shade of whore lipstick, that screams she can suck a really good cock, sometimes I think they should make a shade

just for me. I would call it. ” I fuck on the first date”


We can have our very own lipstick games. I love leaving little trails of kisses all over, so you can see the rings.

Mmmmm, what kind of lipstick fetish games do you want to play?

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wants to talk with YOU

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