I love to talk sexy. Words can be such powerful tools especially when it comes to phone sex. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite words and sentences that make me hot (both saying and hearing them!) and I sure hope they make you just as horny.

Ache: “Your fingers leave me Aching for them to slide inside”

Burning: “My skin in burning from those hot kisses”

Core: “Slide your meat into my moist core”

Devour: “I want to devour every drop of your cream”

Erect: “Is your cock nice and Erect?”

Fondle: “Won’t you fondle my beautiful mounds?”

Greedy: “Let that greedy mouth suck on my nipple”

Hilt: “Fill me to the hilt”

Immoral: “If it’s immoral then it’s for me!”


Those are just a few mine, what words turn you on? I’d absolutely love for you to share your own with me. We could make it into a hot creative call together, see who can make who hotter before we just can’t stand it and find ourselves fucking. I’ll break out my scented oil and you can get out some heated KY or oil of your own and we can turn it into a intense session. There’s nothing better then having someone getting off with you!



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