I found out my boyfriend had been watching gay porn. He said he wasn’t into it he was just curious. I was pretty pissed at first. I mean what the fuck was pussy not good enough for him now? He tried to tell me not to worry he said he only watched it for a quick minute. I decided to believe him.

He had a male friend over one night weeks later and I started to notice they looked a little closer than I liked. Perhaps I was just plain old paranoid but something was up. I watched them for a minute and saw how Brian’s friend intimately touched Brian’s leg.

I planned to force the two of them to fuck.

Then Iwalked up to the sofa and said ” I know what’s going on. I wanna see it with my own eyes though. Brian looked at Adam confused. “You still think I’m gay? I’m not fucking gay!”  He yelled. I crossed my arms defiantly and demanded proof. “Adam told me he was gay a week ago and I just wanted to see why he might be gay that’s all Jordan” Adam shook his head in confirmation. Adam confessed to Brian he was in love with him.

Oh, this was rich! I told Brian is he didn’t satisfy my curiosity if he enjoyed having his ass fucked then I would leave him. I told him to go have a drink and loosen up. Adam was all too excited to get his ass fucked by Brian. Only I planned on making them fuck each other. I tossed my double-ended dildo onto the floor and told Brian to strip down along with Adam.

Once they were naked, Brian took another shot of whiskey and then asked what he wanted me to do. “I’ll let a guy suck me off I guess.” I laughed at him and said he was going to suck Adam’s cock. I took him by the back of the head and pinched his mouth open I told Adam to stuff his cock into Brian’s mouth. Adam hesitate but got the job done. He pumped his cock slowly in and out. Drool dripped down Adams’s chin.

I then had Adam switch it up and suck off Brian. I wanted to see Brian get hard from the mouth of a man. Truth be told this whole thing was turning me on. Forcing Brian in sucking cock and then feeling pleasure from a man. Then I had both men get on the floor doggy style. I took the double-ended dildo and eased it into Brian and Adam’s ass. I feed Brian another drink and backed up.

“Now, fuck each other!”  I reached for the crop I brought out from my room. I smacked their asses and yelled louder “FUCK each other NOW!” I left the room and dug through the closet for one of my packaged strap on’s. I went back into the living room and promised if I didn’t see some hardcore ass fucking I would take over. Both men strained but fucked each other. I reached under and jacked them off. Adam came within seconds. He was loving every minute of this. Brian however needed a bit more time. I got under him and sucked him off while pulling the dildo out.

He came easily after that. I enjoyed my little gay test. I might make him do it again soon!

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