I absolutely love my mama’s boys. This classic fantasy is one of my faves. You are young and curious, these strange sensations and functions you want to explore but too scared to ask about. Mommy has always guided you through new phases in your life and been there but you just can not voice this one with her, even though you know she knows all about sex and man parts.

You see mommy in her little satin and lace nightie, just like you have thousands of times before, and that unruly cock begins to throb and ache, swelling and the blush rises in your cheeks, scared she will notice. I do notice but pretend not to, avoiding direct eye contact but you see the devilish knowing smile spread across my face. I am actually surprised as well, at how big the bulge in your pants has become. My mind begins to wander and race on the possibilities of how much my boy’s cock has grown and my panties begin to moisten as I imagine. Desire fills me, and I know I should not but I bend over rearranging the coffee table items so my full ass cleavage peeks from under the lace hem of my little nightie right in front of you. This makes your dick fully swell, rock hard as you look at the little fabric of my thong running up my ass crack. You wish so much you could move it and just get a peek of my secret places. terrified I will see the tent in your sleep pants you scramble to your bedroom to tame the beast in your drawers. I grin as I know why you have retreated to the privacy of your room. Then I think of the young awkward hand crudely stroking your hard eager rod and my own ache and throb starts in my puss. I think of your hunk of man meat not being properly used in the next room and it is just not right. I am your mommy, I am supposed to teach you all the things you need to know as an adult. Is it not my duty as a mother? To guide my boy through all his life experiences, preparing him for the future.

I quietly approach your closed door, slowly turn the knob and silently pushing it ajar. Ready to be the mommy my little boy needs.

Do you have a swelling ache mommy can help you with?

Talk to mommy, I will make everything all better.

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