My first lesbian sex experience. This happened when I was at a Christian Summer Camp. The camp I went to, while supposedly coed, had the boys and the girls separated (separate barracks, showers, groups, activities, etc.). So, other than a very few hours of “free” time a week, joint activities, and church services, we never really got to mingle with the guys.

The first week at camp was pretty active but, without much contact with the boys, it was pretty hard on my sex life.

As time went on, I became increasingly horny. To the point that I was even eyeing some of the girls in the showers.

On Friday evening, Hope (blonde hair and blue eyes, slim build), Faith (brown hair and eyes, built, but not as well as me) and I were playing cards.  It was the first weekend and since a lot of campers and counselors went home for the weekends.

We had our cabin to ourselves (there was normally 6 to a cabin).  And since all three of us were daughters of ministers, the counselors pretty much left us alone during our free time. After playing for about an hour, Hope said:

“let’s do something silly, like play strip poker!”

Faith and I thought it over and said, almost at the same time, “sure… why not?”

It did not take too long before we were all down to our bras and panties, with the exception of Hope who was down to just her panties and a t-shirt (she was not wearing a bra).

As Hope took off her shorts there was a sudden tension in the room, or so it seemed. No longer were we just playing cards and being silly, we were all horny and knew it and wanted some relief.

lesbian sex
lesbian sex

I lost the next hand, so, with a bit of hesitation, I stood up and took off my bra. As I unfastened it, I could feel my nipples become rock hard as Hope and Faith intently watched me.

I had the biggest boobs in the cabin, and they were both all eyes looking at them. As I sat back down, I could feel my pussy becoming wet and, looking at Faith, I could see a wet spot on her panties forming between her legs as well.

The next hand was dealt and once again I lost. This was it so, standing up again,

I slowly removed my panties.

It was almost impossible to keep from stroking myself as I took them off. Faith and Hope both just looked on. It was now abundantly obvious that they were both as turned on as I was. I was uncertain as to what would happen next but was too horny to worry about it.

“Now what?” I asked. “We could just get dressed again or…” I continued with a bit of hesitation, “once you’ve lost all your clothes and you lose a hand, the looser has to do whatever the winners decide for two minutes. No chickening out, anything goes.”

After a few moments of thinking it over, we all agreed. My mind was racing with thoughts of what might happen.

The next two hands, Hope lost her top, exposing her breasts and, like mine, her rock-hard nipples, and Faith lost her panties. As she stepped out of her panties, it was obvious that she was soaked. Her pussy didn’t hide a thing.

Then it happened, I lost again and that meant I had to do whatever Hope and Faith decided. After whispering between themselves, Hope said,

“we want you to spread your legs and play with yourself.”

I was terribly embarrassed but Hope and Faith reminded me that I had made up the rule of “anything goes.” So, with that said, I laid down on the floor and spread my legs wide open.

Taking both hands, I reached down between my legs with both Hope and Faith watching very intently. I slowly began stroking my now drenched pussy and it felt wonderful.

As I was lying there stroking myself, I was even more turned on knowing that they were watching me. I started to stroke my pussy faster and harder and started to feel a terrific orgasm building when Hope called time…my two minutes were up!

lesbian sex
lesbian sex

The next hand was dealt and this time Faith lost. Reaching behind her, she unhooked her bra and removed it; her nipples stuck out and her nice, round breasts looked enormous compared to Hope’s.

The next hand, I lost again. This time on purpose… I was hoping they would tell me to play with myself again and I would make myself come this time.

After a short discussion, Faith looked at me and said,

“I want you to suck my tits…”

I was so horny I did not need a second invitation and, taking her breasts in my hands, began to suck on the nipples. After a few seconds, Faith began to softly moan and rock her hips back and forth. She then did something I did not expect; she took my hand and placed it between her legs one her tight teen pussy

“make me… make me!” she panted.

I started to rub her soaked pussy and her hips responded. I then felt a hand between my legs. Turning to see whose hand it was, I saw Hope eyeing my pussy, fingering me. It felt so damn good, I just said

“yes… oh, yes!”

Faith was moaning louder and her hips began to move harder and faster. Suddenly, her back arched and her body tensed up.  She looked like she was having a great orgasm.

After her orgasmed, Faith just laid there catching her breath while Hope continued to finger-fuck me. I just laid there, feeling Hope’s hands work my pussy over. I then felt her breath getting closer to my pussy.

“Let me eat you, too,” I said and with that, Hope climbed on top of me into a 69 position, with me on the bottom. I looked up at her pink pussy as I felt her tongue begin to lick me.

Pulling her to me, I kissed her pussy. Licking my lips, I felt Hope going to town on my tender clit. Getting closer to coming. I could tell that this wasn’t her first-time eating pussy.

I dove in deeper and began to tongue-fuck Hope’s pussy. Her hips responded as I watched her ass bounce up and down, riding my tongue. I could not stand it any longer and began to scream,

“oh, yes!  Eat me!”

My screams seemed to turn on Hope even more and we both came at the same time.

After Hope climbed off of me and caught her breath, we all just looked at each other. Hope’s face was wet with my pussy juice, as mine was with hers.

“So much for cards!”

I said as I climbed between Faith’s legs and began to lick her pussy. Hope came over and, sitting on Faith’s face, helped me lick and suck Faith’s swollen and soaked pussy.

“Wait, go into my locker, in the very bottom,” Faith said.

I took one more lick and then went to the locker as she said. In the bottom of it I found a very long, pink dildo with a head at both ends.

Faith smiled, “A present from my choir director. She said I might need it at camp.  I guess she knows what goes on.”

Not hesitating for even a second, I went and knelt behind Hope and, after inserting one end into my pussy, put the other end into Hope’s.

“Oh my GOD!  Fuck me!”

Hope said as she dived back into Faith’s pussy. I began to move back and forth, slowly at first but then harder and faster. Every once in a while, I would feel Faith’s tongue on my clit and I would just bang that dildo even harder into our cunts.

Faith began to moan and I could feel her tense up. Listening to her moans, I lost control and began to shove the dildo into Hope’s and my pussy as hard and fast as I could.

Holding onto her hips, I began to come and, not wanting to stop, kept right on fucking the both of us. Hope began to arch her back and, reaching between our legs, began to finger our clits.

I fell on to the floor after having countless orgasms. Looking up at Faith and Hope, I said, “now, all we need is the real thing… maybe we’ll do that tomorrow!”

That’s it… my first Lesbian sex experience.

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Lesbian sex
Lesbian sex

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