Lesbian Sex is what I was craving the other night.

 Women have lovely, soft skin that makes it easy for gentle fingertips to glide across.  Much nicer than the rough, coarseness that men are known for.  Lesbian gentleness is one of the main differences between women and men.

I was in the mood to make love instead of having my usual dose of filthy, dirty sex so ditched the boyfriend and went to a bar. So I found one that was having its monthly “Lesbian Night” and started looking for my prey.

 I found her quickly; she was inside by the door and putting her coat on. I went over to her and introduced myself. I asked her why she was leaving so early and she said something about there being no one interesting here tonight. As she talked I looked her over. She was a bit taller than me with a nice trim body and shoulder-length brown hair.

I told her if she wanted someone interesting then she should follow me.

 I took her home and went straight to the bedroom. We slowly undressed each other, taking time to explore each other’s bodies. Finally, we were naked except for my tiny pair of panties. I felt my pussy getting wet as she slid her hands over my stomach and into my panties.

She slid a finger in my pussy, giving it a few strokes before stopping and pulling my panties down. She lowered herself to the ground as she did so and took hold of my hips. Then She licked up my thighs before moving to my pussy.

She stroked and licked me until I couldn’t take it anymore and I led her to the bed.

She pushed me on to my back and straddled me. Then she leaned forward and started kissing me like a true Lesbian. Her lips were soft and tasted like mint lip balm. Her tongue darted into my mouth as her fingers slid into my soaking wet pussy.

I pushed my hips up and she slipped another finger in. She brushed against my swollen clit and I tensed up before pushing my hips up, wanting more.

She found my clit again and focused on it, alternating stroking it and squeezing it gently. Her fingers ground against me until I came.

     She wiped her fingers on the bed sheets as I caught my breath. She moved up and was lying beside me. I kissed her before moving down to her breasts. They were soft under my fingertips.

 I slid my fingers over her breasts and slowly down to her pussy. She was dripping wet. I spread her lips open and ran a finger across her slit. It got covered in her juices and I licked my finger clean. I bent my head down and licked her Lesbian pussy before pushing my tongue deep inside. I heard her gasp and moan. So I continued to lick her as I slid two fingers in. I stroked and licked her as she pushed her hips against me. I sped my movements up and she came soon afterward.

     Then I looked up at her and asked, “Was that interesting enough for you?”

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