I have a lot of equipment at home, but I love working out at the gym. Perhaps, it is all the sexy people there that attract me. Hardbody men and women everywhere you turn. One young instructor surprises me with lesbian gym sex.

Of course, I have been watching her for a long time. She is so incredibly gorgeous. And, I have wanted to approach her, however, I don’t want to cross the line.

This gym is an oasis for me. I love working out here and it is such a fantastic gym. Now, when I am being hit on by others, I am open to them. Again, that is different than me being the aggressor.

In my time here, I haven’t had lesbian gym sex.

However, I have met women here and then, spent time with them outside of the gym. And, men also. Although, the men and I have fucked inside the gym. Not tons considering what a naughty whore I am.

Alex is the trainer’s name. She is tall, lean, and a sexy redhead. I love watching her lead classes, work one on one with clients, and working out herself. She always stops by to chat with me.

Additionally, I often get a vibe from her. And, I wonder if it is a lesbian gym sex vibe, but I let it go and move on for some reason. Of course, my pussy is telling me to hit on her but I haven’t yet.

Any other time, I am a cougar on the prowl.

Happily in predator mode and ready to pick up any sexy woman in my path that makes my kitty tingle. Just like Melodie. I saw her at the mall and knew I wanted her.

From there she and I shared lady cuck fun sessions with my bitch hubby. He is the ultimate little cuck bitch. And she has the sweetest pussy. Of course, this is about Alex and her young, tight body.

So many lesbian gym sex fantasies run through my head when I see her. On top of that, she keeps my cunt slick and wet while I am working out. Today, my spidey senses are tingling as she stays near me working out.

It is late and hardly anyone is here working out tonight, perfect for some lesbian gym sex.

And, I will soon see that is what she is planning. I head off to the sauna for some relaxation. Of course, all I have on is a towel. I am laying on a bench with my eyes closed when I hear the door open.

Then, I feel the softest hands on my bare shoulders. Oh, that feels amazing. From my shoulders, her hands move down to my legs and slowly under the towel to my pussy.

Mmmmm…let the lesbian gym sex begin! Alex has been waiting for her moment and tonight she found it. She starts playing with my clit and making me moan.

Our fun is just getting started as I roll over and take off my towel. She is completely naked and her exquisite body is mine for now. Curious to know all the fun we had?

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