The Lesbian In Me Craves Another 2 Sets Of Lips

As I chewed her lip, her deliciously sweet cherry taste rolled onto the tip of my tongue. It wasn’t my first lesbian experience, but that didn’t make me cherish this moment any less. Her beautiful golden blonde locks coiled onto her shoulders, and her smile was elegant. She was the kind of girl that most boys dream about. Yet here I was sharing a passionate embrace with her.

She seemed eager to explore my body – she had only been with boys before, so had yet to encounter the wonders of loving another woman – Placing her hands on my breasts, she shyly rolled them in a circular motion. Taking the lead, I placed my palm over the top of her hand and encouraged her to enjoy the moment more.

As she finally became more confident in her handling of my body.

I began to let my hands explore hers. She was wearing a short pleated skirt that revealed her upper thigh, and I traced my nails up her skin until my finger tips came to a rest on her cotton panties. Gauging her reaction, I could see that she wanted to go further. I tugged my purple tank top over my shoulders and then peeled her plain white shirt away from her body so that there was nothing separating us aside from our bare skin and underwear. Pulling her thighs apart, I dropped to my knees and began to flick my tongue over her clit whilst pushing her panties aside. I smiled as she moaned in delight.

After a short while of foreplay, I pushed her backward onto my mattress before I climbed on top of her. I pondered the idea of delving into the box of toys beneath my bed. Instead opted for the raw, intimate feeling of my pussy against hers.

I arched my leg over her thigh and carefully edged closer until her clit lapped against mine.

Between the two of us, we rocked our hips to stimulate our quivering slits, and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she moaned in pleasure – her burning sighs of ecstasy only served to turn me on more, and I picked up the intensity of our sweet lesbian fucking until our pussies were dripping tenderly. I knew that I was close to my orgasm, but I disciplined myself to last until I could feel the other girl’s cum dripping against my own cunt.

By now, she had collapsed breathlessly onto the surface of the bed, and orgasm of my own was beginning to ravage my nerves. As every muscle in my body tensed, I dug my hand into her thigh, moaning wildly as a burning sensation blazed through my body. I opened my eyes as my breathing began to return to normal, once again taking in the sights of her perky, rounded breasts and flawless skin. She was an incredibly attractive woman. I was proud to add her to the list of girls that I had given their first lesbian fuck.


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