I Learned a LOT From My Naughty Babysitter!

I always thought my babysitter was hot. What I didn’t know was what a naughty babysitter she really was! At least, not until one night when I climbed out of bed for a drink of water and to see what she was up to! Was she talking on the phone to boys? Watching TV? Sometimes she liked to sneak into my older brother’s room and look through his things. I creeped into the living room and… there was no one there! Down the hall I tiptoed, but she wasn’t in my brother’s room either! Now where had that naughty babysitter of mine disappeared to?

I continued my creep down the hallway until I got to my parent’s bedroom door. It was so quiet in there! What could she be doing? Suddenly, I threw the door open and there she was! Cross-legged in the floor of my parent’s bedroom with a whole stack of magazines spilling out of my dad’s bottom dresser drawer. One hand was up her shirt, and she was clearly rubbing her nipples as she looked at the pictures! She froze momentarily when she saw me, then started frantically trying to shove the magazines back into the drawer before I could see them. I ran over, grabbed one up, and saw the NONE of the people in these magazines had any clothes on!

I yelled “EW, gross! Naked people doing sex! Why are you looking at these?” She tried to grab the magazine out of my hands, but I held on for dear life, laughing. The more she fought, the more determined I was to hold onto it! Besides, I loved the way she was pressing her body against mine, trying to pin me down to take it. My nipples poked up nice and hard through my shirt, and when she pressed against me again, she stopped and looked down at me. I whispered softly, “I won’t tell anyone, I swear – as long as you let ME look too!” I put my hand up her shirt like I had seen her doing a moment ago, rubbing my fingers against her hard nipples softly to see what she would do. She was SO beautiful. I didn’t want her to make me stop!

She pulled me into the room, shut the door, and locked it. 

Find out exactly what I learned from my naughty babysitter when you call me!

Teen Phone Sex!