When I give a good beating I love to laugh when I hear your cries of pain. It is such a turn on for me!!

It all starts innocently enough, with us getting close and cuddling and then turns to a good beating. Then is when the fun begins to start. I pull out the nipple clamps with the little tethers on them and attach them roughly to your nipples. Cries of pain result in this as I am sure to attach them good and tight. I just sit there and laugh at the pain you are in.

Then taking a shoestring I tie up your balls and pull them nice and tight too. Pulling on them brings tears to your eyes and I laugh some more at the thought of you crying.

After a while of pain, it begins to wear off a bit so I start to slap your nipples and pull on the tether holding the clamps on, stretching your nipples out as far as they will go. I slap them good and hard and leave handprints on your chest. Then it is time for me to start playing with your balls.

I take my stiletto heel and start to dig it into your balls as I firmly pull on the string around them. You cry out in pain and beg me to stop. I only laugh at you and push my heel in harder. Your cock betrays you and gets so rock hard that I know you are really enjoying this. You love to get your good beating from Goddess Violet and will do anything to make her happy.

Taking out my horsehair whip I start to whip your back and make you even cry out more. “Stop, Please stop,” you tell me but I really know that secretly you want more. You haven’t said our code word yet.

Soon the excitement is too much for you and I start rubbing my stocking leg all over your hard cock. This puts you over the edge, ignoring all the pain, you soon cum all over my stocking and heels.

Ready for a little phone sex domination of your own? Let me make you whimper.