Knocked up on the first try with my step father’s baby!

Knocked up and happy as can be about it. I have a really hot fantasy about getting pregnant by my step father. Fooling around with him behind my mothers back and letting him cum inside of me. Well, it’s really paid off because my step daddy got me pregnant with the first load of cum he planted deep inside of me.

It was a Sunday when I knew my mom would be going to church. I had plans to go out shopping with some friends, but when I saw my step father downstairs with none of his friends in sight, I pounced. I promptly turned around and went back upstairs to change back into my pajamas. So I put on my tightest pair of pink shorts and a tiny tank top.

I casually strolled down the stairs and plopped down next to him. He didn’t look up. “No friends coming over today?” He still didn’t look at me. “How’s about passing me a beer?” I asked.

He reached over to the bucket of beer that was on the coffee table whether friends were coming over or not. I leaned in close and when he turned back with the beer he ran into my chest. He apologized and he looked down at my tits and lingered there. I had him.

“No friends coming over today?” I repeated.

“No,” he replied. “They’re all out-of-town. Where’s your mom at?”

“She’s at church.” I shook the beer only a little so he wouldn’t notice and then opened it all over myself. “Oh, my.” I took my shirt off and he immediately took it to the washroom. When he got back, I was still sitting there in my bra. I saw him do a double take “I got a little on my bra, too. Could you help me?”

I turned around so he could unlatch my bra. He got it undone and I quickly turned around and kissed him. He pulled back. “Your mother could be…”

“My mother is at church. Just like she’s been going for the past 15 years. Fuck me now.”

He didn’t hesitate. He took me into my room. My plan was working perfectly. All I needed now was for him to get me pregnant. He quickly threw me on to the bed and spread my legs wide. He ate my pussy from behind and then softly worked his dick in. Once his dick was all the way in, I could feel it throbbing. My super wet and tight pussy was no match for his dick. Before he even knew what hit him, I was knocked up. He came so hard and fast, when he did pull out, all he had left in him were convulsions.

At least that’s how it would have gone down if I had a step daddy to really seduce!

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