Kitty Loves Cream

From the moment I saw his bulge growing in his pants, I knew that cock would be mine.  I could already taste his salty sweet meat on my tongue as I got on my knees.  I could already feel a little cream in my panties just looking at him.

His dick sprung out of his boxers, rock hard and throbbing.  I took his shaft in my hands, licking my lips as I looked into his eyes.  He had heard I was a cock whore, but I don’t think he was fully prepared for the things my sexy mouth could do.  Feeling his shaft growing even harder in my hand, I wrap my lips around his big mushroom head, flicking my tongue right over his piss hole.  I feel his body tense up as he lets out a moan.

My tongue slides down the bottom of his shaft, reaching his full balls.  I suck his balls into my mouth, making them sloppy and wet.  He brushes my hair from my face to get a better view of his aching balls in my mouth as I continue to stroke his cock.  Squeezing up his shaft, I see the first pearl of pre-cum escape him.  I eagerly lick it up as I take his cock deep down my throat.  I gag just enough to apply pressure to the tip of his cock.  He can’t help but begin to rock his hips, gently fucking my mouth.

With the sounds of slurping and sucking, his eyes start to roll back.

 His toes curl as I bob my head up and down on his cock.  He tastes so good I don’t want to stop even though I know he is getting close.  I begin to tickle his balls with my nails and that just brings him over the edge.  He lets out another loud moan and gasp as he shoots cum all over my face.  I scoop the cum up with my fingers and lick them clean.

Sucking cock is what I love to do.  I can never get enough of salty, sweet cum!  Give me a call and let me work my skills on you!

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