I was in bed, alone, reading a book. Oh, who am I kidding –

I was watching porn and playing with my nipples. And then when I was nice and wet I started fingering my pussy – first flicking a finger across my clit and then pushing fingers inside of my dripping pussy. A kidnapping and gang rape fantasy was the last thing on my mind.Kidnapping and Gang Rape Fantasy 1

And then I heard a noise…and then another louder noise. I only had a bedside lamp on, but I saw two large men standing in my doorway. Not surprisingly, I was so scared that I couldn’t scream and I couldn’t move.  I noticed that they were wearing all black but they were not wearing masks. I could see their faces but I didn’t know either of them.

Neither of them said anything to me as they walked in the doorway and then to either side of the bed. Finally, I snapped out of my paralysis.  I tried to jump out of the bed and get away from them but one of them grabbed my arm and then pinned me down with one hand. Then he laughed and said something about me being a quite a fighter and that I was going to be a lot of fun. I was about to fulfill their kidnapping and gang rape fantasy.

In retrospect, it was kind of a dumb question.

I was finally able to speak and I asked: “what do you want?” When they didn’t answer me, I changed course – I said “please don’t hurt me, take whatever you want – my money, my car, whatever. Just please don’t hurt me.”

The guy who was holding me down didn’t address me but said to his friend “yes, let’s make sure to take her cash after we take turns using her.” He then pushed up my shirt, jiggled my big titties with his other hand, whistled and said: “yeah, she’s gonna be a lot of fun!” If I hadn’t been terrified, I would almost have thought it was one of those erotic sex stories!

The other guy pulled off the rest of my night clothes and I was completely naked and still being held down. I tried to kick at the closest one but I was completely ineffective – he held my legs down by the ankles with his other big hand. These guys were really strong! I’ve always loved being naked but this was completely different. I squirmed, trying to find a way to cover up but the man was still holding me down. This was my nightmare – a kidnapping and gang rape fantasy.

They then started arguing about who would get to fuck me first.

They pretty quickly decided that it made the most sense that the one who was not holding me down should go first. The lucky first guy had pulled his pants down and got on the bed. He rolled a condom over his already hard, huge cock and moved closer to me.

He then shoved my legs apart and took over holding my legs down. I could see him checking out my pussy and then he said, “would you look at this sweet pussy!”  He laughed and said that he couldn’t believe that I was actually wet!

Next up – they start fucking me.  Duh… It’s a kidnapping and gang rape fantasy!


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