My sexy Big Brother

All my life I have been the sweet and innocent girl.
Never doing anything bad or naughty.
Always being the good girl.
Although the urges to be one of the bad girls swelled in me.
Can anyone bring the naughty girl out of me.
The question fills my mind with wild fantasies.
Then out of the blue I get a text from you Big Brother.
And quickly I respond, excited at the adventures.
That could be coming my way.
No more lonely nightly fantasies only thrill fills me.
You’re the person that needs me.
The person who wants me and never wants to be apart.
We grew closer and closer as we got older.
But only my feelings grew and ran wild.
Or so I thought.

I’m terrified inside, still the mousy child.
But I felt the excitement grow the day you tell me.
That you feel the same as me.
My dreams and desires are getting closer and closer.
Making plans together you and I share our darkest secrets.
With you, I can share every wet and wild fantasy.
Making our plans, to meet one day soon.
Our feelings run deeper and deeper with each text.
Then comes the day our eyes meet and lock.
We realize that together we will always find satisfaction.
You look like me, and I look like you.
Into your arms I run, it was like a dream come true.
To feel your tight embrace and kiss to my lips.
You hold me close and stare into on another’s eyes.
Though it should be wrong it feels so right.
We make back to your place and you see I’m still a little shy.
You kiss my lips once more, holding me close to you.
I feel the bulge in your jeans grow larger.
Even though everyone will say its wrong.
To you and I its 100% right.
We undress one another deepening our kisses.
Our wet tongues touch while your hands touch every inch of my body.
You guide me to your bed.
Completely lost in one another.
Laying me on the sheets beneath you.
Opening my legs willingly letting you slide deep into me.
Finally connected with you every way.
As blood and now lovers.
We ride the heat of our passions never wanting it to end.
Taking turns on top and trying different positions.
Our bond is now unbreakable we will always be lovers.
Looking at the mirror beside your bed.
I love looking at our bodies together as one in first pleasurable moment.
You promise that it will always feel like this.
And you seal that promise with a deep kiss and powerful thrust.
My best friend, my soul, and now my lover.
Only you make love to me.
Everyone will say that it is wrong.
But we know it is right.
My lover,
My big brother.

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