Kama Sutra Part 1- THE BANDOLEER

I went to the bookstore the other day to grab a magazine and I ended up looking at the bargaining table. Guess what they had on sale? The Kama Sutra. This may surprise you but I’ve never actually read it before. Like everyone else I’d heard about it but never gave it much thought. When it comes to sex I don’t really need any help. I got curious and flipped through it to see if it had anything worthwhile trying. I looked at the different diagrams and thought about how fun it would be for my boyfriend and me to try a new position every now and again until we had done them all. This book could give us years of pleasure. It came home with me.
     We decided to start with the easier positions first then work our way towards the more difficult ones so The Bandoleer was Kama Sutra Position #1 for us. The description said it was the perfect position for finding the G spot and I had to see if it was true. We looked over the image carefully until we had it down pat then put the book down and got undressed.

I laid down and put a pillow under my head, making myself comfortable then my boyfriend got on the bed.

He stayed at the end by my feet while I raised my legs, pulling my knees up into my chest. My boyfriend knelt in front of my now slightly raised ass and I put my feet at the top of his chest, my toes resting on top of his shoulders. He put his hands on my thighs and lined himself up. I could feel his tip rubbing along my pussy lips, teasing me, then he slowly pushed inside. He went in deep and began to thrust in and out of me.

It felt different with my knees up like this but he hadn’t found my G spot yet.

He went a bit faster and his arm pressed down on my knee, causing my position to shift a bit. Oh my God, he found it! I told him to keep going and put my hand on his arm, holding him in place. There was no way I was going to let him move now. He kept thrusting in and out of me and his dick hit my clit every time he went in. My pussy tingled and throbbed as my clit was getting non-stop attention. I felt an orgasm coming quickly and a few seconds later I was pushed over the edge.
I let out a loud cry as I had the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had. My boyfriend was still holding me and pumping away so my clit was still getting worked over. It was like a never-ending orgasm and I clenched tightly around him. It didn’t last forever though and soon my boyfriend was moaning and telling me how fucking tight I felt. A couple of thrusts later and he was cumming inside me. I could feel it fill me then drip down my pussy.

When he was finished I let go of his arm and stayed where I was.

He waited for me to move but I wasn’t quite ready for things to finish and I wanted to feel him inside for a bit longer while I caught my breath. When he started to soften inside me I slid my legs off him and he pulled out of me. My pussy felt empty and my clit was throbbing from the pounding it had just taken. That was by the far the best sex I’ve had in ages. We’re bookmarking that page.

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