Adult Sex Stories And My Insatiable Big Cock Cravings!

Adult Sex Stories And My Insatiable Big Cock Cravings! I always seem to have these insatiable big cock cravings and it’s time I satisfy my appetite. There’s nothing I love more than a big black cock and luckily for me, I have no problem getting black men interested in my tight white pussy. Hell, I can get any type of man interested in me. BBC is the name of my game!

Bryan is the lucky one who happens to be my current boyfriend but he’s white and his average dick isn’t enough to make me happy. He’s fun though, especially when we go out for drinks. Bryan and I were sitting at a table knocking a few back when I noticed this guy looking at me.

Adult Sex Stories!

He was over by the bar and he kept trying to get my attention like he didn’t care that I was with another guy. I checked him out and liked what I saw. He was about my age, a few inches taller than Bryan and obviously spent more time in the gym than he did. He was also black, like really black. A very sexy black guy, ink, and everything.

I smiled back at him before finishing my drink and going over to him. I could feel Bryan watching us but I just ignored him; something better had come along and his name was Trey. We flirted and made small talk for a bit, then we went back to my place, leaving Bryan sitting alone. I had some big cock cravings, can you blame me for wanting to satisfy them?

Adult Sex Stories!

Anyway, I rubbed Trey’s dick through his trousers, as he drove me home and he felt so hot and heavy. We went to the bedroom and quickly took our clothes off and I saw how big he really was. He was at least eight inches long and was thick with big balls hanging down. I put my arms around his shoulders and kissed him while rubbing my body against his, making him moan at the pressure on his dick.

I could feel it throbbing as we made our way to the bed and I pulled him down on top of me, opening my legs while I reached down for his dick. Then I guided him into me and my pussy stretched around him. He felt huge as he pushed into me and I groaned, lifting my hips up as he went all the way in. He said I was fucking tight and started thrusting in and out of me, his dick brushing past my walls hard and fast.

Adult Sex Stories!

I got wetter as he grunted loudly on top of me. My body pressed into the bed, as he thrust forward. My clit was aching so bad and my pussy felt so tight. I panted and cried out, my hands grabbing at his arms. Everything was hurting but in the best way. I put my leg around him while pushing my hips up, moving faster with him.

My clit sent little tingles through me and I did little shivers, as his dick went in and out of me. The constant motion driving me crazy. My back arched off the bed and I came hard, my body tensing up as I zoned out. I was just starting to come back down when Trey shoved in deep inside me. I couldn’t breathe, as his dick swelled and he shot his load in me. His creamy fucking load!

Adult Sex Stories!

I felt so wet and nasty lying there full of cum. Then, I just wanted to stay like that all night long. Then, I stretched out on the bed and saw Bryan standing in the doorway, a bulge in the front of his trousers. I had no idea how long he’d been watching us but it didn’t matter because he knows his place. Do you have a nice big cock to satisfy me with? Better yet, do you also have big cock cravings and you need me to help satisfy those cravings? Then I am the dirty phone slut for you! The best sex stories are found here!

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