A good CUM BACK is what I’m always searching for!  So, when I’d been in a bit of a dry spell, I knew it was time for a shakeup. 180 days and only one date, and he only had a 4″ cock and was a two-pump-chump? Oh, I NEEDED to get fucked NOW!

 So, after putting on my deadliest little black dress and nothing else, I went to this little bar down the street from my condo. Scanning the crowd I hit on a lawyer-looking-guy (just out from a long day at work), nursing a scotch; before going home to his fat little-domesticated wife (in her face cream and hair curlers).

I grabbed him by his tie, making him spill the rest of his scotch on the table; and tugged him to the women’s room at the back of the bar. Opening the door, I saw it was empty so; I shoved him inside, locked the door, and pushed him up against the cold tile wall.

“What are you doing?” he stammered.

“Shut up and enjoy it!”, I said and I dropped to my knees, unzipped his pants and swallowed his cock.

But, he was hard in less than a minute!  A respectable 7″.  So, I turned him around; I grabbed him by the cock and hopped up on the bathroom sink to slid him inside my dripping pussy.  “Now FUCK ME” I snarled.
He did a decent job but, never really had a chance since my pussy was ravenous. In less than 5-minutes, he shot his wad with a groan.  And, In case someone was watching, I cleaned myself up with the hankie I pulled from his sportcoat; unlocked the door and left the bar looking for victim number 2.