Jillian Gets Fucked by the Minister

I was trying to be the good girl that goes to church on a Sunday but that never seems to work out well. I decided to try and go to a friend’s church today. I got dressed up in a light grey dress with a sweater. I was having a great time when I noticed his eyes on me. At first I didn’t think much about it and tried to ignore him. I leaned over to my friend and asked if she knew him. She looked at me and responded, “Jillian, that’s the minister!” My jaw hit the floor! The fucking minister!

After the service was over, I tried to quickly get up and leave. When I turned the corner there he was. He was standing right in front of me. He had hungry eyes and I knew immediately what he wanted from me. He grabbed my hand and started to lead me down the hall. He still hadn’t said a single word to me. He was a young and attractive man but this was just odd. Something was off and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

He took me into a calls room, shut the door, and slammed me against it. His hungry mouth was on mine before I could catch my composure. I tried to push him off but he kept going at me. His hands were now up my dress and pulling at my panties. This is when I really started to get upset! I called out for him to stop but he smashed his hand across my mouth. “Say another word and I’ll really hurt you. I just need your body!”

Terrified I silenced myself, closed my eyes and waited for this to be over! He turned me around so my ass was pressed against his robe. I could feel how aroused he was. I could hear him pushing fabric aside, and then I felt him push my dress up. He shoved my face down so now I was bent over with my ass in the air. He shoved his cock into me without any warning. I whimpered but tried to stay as quiet as I could! He fucked me so hard and fast I thought I was going to fall over. He quickly stilled and I knew he was finished. He pulled out, redressed and then left the room. I fell to the floor and cried! Finally I stood, cleaned myself up, put my panties back on and then walked out the room. I put a smile on my face as I left the church. Maybe this is what I get for being a good girl and trying to go to church. I’ll just go back to Phone Sex and being naughty!