I Am So Horny!


Lately I have been feeling way too hot even after getting fucked. Some morning I cum four or fives. I love playing with my sweet pussy early in the am. Orgasms just feel better. Through out the day I am again horny and needy for more play time. And yes I do have a partner but he just can’t satisfy me! It isn’t that he doesn’t make me cum, it’s that I want more. I want more dick, different dicks. All for me to have whenever I want to. I am a true fucking nympho. I wanted to do all my fantasies with whoever. But I really didn’t think jerking off stranger in public would be a possibility.

While going about my day one of those horny spurs came to me. 
When they hit it’s like I can’t think of anything but cumming and fucking. I went to my car and started playing with my pussy. I played some porn and spread my legs. Stuffing two fingers in me deep. I needed to cum so fucking bad. And I did! My pussy was dripping onto my leather seats and I wanted more. I kept fingering myself as I knew I was so close to cumming more time. Before I did I happened to look next to me. Oh no! A man was watching me as I pleasured myself.

I looked at him straight in the eyes. I cracked the window so he could hear me moan in pleasure. While I was fingering myself, about to cum a second time he popped the winder of his car open and let me see his big thick cock. He let it hang, it was leaking and it needed my touch.

Jerking Off Stranger In Busy Parking Lot

The strangers cock was so big. He stroking it with hand as he moaned loud and called me a slut under his breath. I guess I am a big slut. I love playing with my MILF pussy. Exposing myself to random men makes me so wet! I decided to give him a better show though. I opened my door and turned to face him. One of my legs up on my winder and the other on the roof of the car. My pussy swollen and needy. The stranger kept stroking. I encouraged it of course.

Please cum for me, I want you to feed me your load. I kept telling the stranger. I came a third time as he watched. My juices dripping down. I was desperate for him but the stranger stood his ground. He just watched me. Once he was ready to cum he stood up, walked by and sprayed his load on me. His thick creamy cum was over my tits, stomach and even my cunt.

I didn’t stop. I couldn’t. After having a taste of his load I kept playing with my juicy cunt. The stranger walked away but I kept fingering my self until I squirted. I’m sure more men saw me. Who knows, maybe even some women. I do not care. I’m a horny slut and when I need cum, it doesn’t matter where I am!

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