I almost had too much fun punishing my jealous married lover for whining when I came back from vacation.

Last week I shared some details from my steamy Minnesota vacation with my boyfriend. It was a cum-filled trip that included red-hot fucking, copious amounts of swallowing, and lots of other fun. The only downside to the trip was the whiny schoolgirl behavior I had to put up with from my other jealous married lover.

He is a hot, naughty, and sweet married man. But he is also very much of a baby when he does not get enough of my attention. My jealous married lover manages to forget that I have to share him with his wife. And that we can only fuck when he can get away from work and his family and that we cannot go to dinner, or movies of travel together.

That is why his jealously over my boyfriend and whining about me not texting him often enough while I was on vacation, pissed me off, I decided last week to punish him for being such a bitchy, jealous schoolgirl. First, I wrote about my trip to Minnesota because I knew the steamy details about my boyfriend’s perfect cock and his nasty sessions with me would drive my jealous married lover crazy. Silly schoolgirls are so easy to manipulate.

The next thing I did was block his number for three days after I got back to town.

Instead, I told my jealous married lover he would have to pay to talk to me by calling me on my PSK number. I enjoyed costing him money because he was a complete pain in my ass. He was somber and spoke in low, lethargic tones. He kept asking if I still loved him just like a schoolgirl that pines over her latest crush. After about $1000 worth of torment, I unblocked my number and invited him over.

I think he thought that we would fuck like we always do. But I had a much better plan for him. Schoolgirls need punishment when they keep acting out, and he was no exception. When he came over, I was wearing some amazing lingerie from La Perla. I told him to go into my closet and put on the schoolgirl uniform I bought for him. He had a big smile on his face, and he came out of the closet dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl.

I asked him to strip for me slowly.

As he took his uniform off, I circled his body, grazing his ass and cock with my fingernails until he was very hard. He got so excited that he overlooked the leather paddle in my other hand. So, when I started beating his ass and calling him a ridiculous, pathetic, immature schoolgirl, he began to cry like one. Then I pushed him down on my sex chaise and tied him up.

Then, I went to my closet filled with sex toys. I tease his cock until it was rock hard again and then jammed a massive dildo in his ass without warning or lube. Then, on cue, my boyfriend walked in, and we made out for five minutes. I never kiss, and I could see the intense jealousy in my lover’s eyes.

Then my boyfriend walked over and stuck his big hard cock in my lover’s whiny schoolgirl mouth and laughed as he gagged on it like an inexperienced little virgin. Eventually, he pulled out, and we fucked in front of my lover for an hour.

When we finished, we made my lover suck the remaining cum out of my boyfriend’s cock and clean cum out my pussy and ass. Finally, we each made sure he swallowed two healthy streams of warm piss. I do not think my lover will be acting like a silly girl again. Lesson learned.

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