A Small Dick is a good reason for a relationship not to last.

 I went out with Rob and his Small Dick last year but it didn’t last. I lost interest when he wouldn’t have sex with me.

Yeah, that’s right. He didn’t want to sleep with me. I have needs and if you can’t give me what I need then you need to go. Anyways, he sent me an email asking if I wanted to get together. I wanted to know why he was the only man alive who didn’t want to fuck me so I agreed to meet him.

     We met at a restaurant for dinner. It wasn’t until the end of the meal that he said he wanted to talk about why things didn’t work out between us. I suggested going back to my place since my boyfriend was at his place tonight.

     We went home and sat on the couch. After a few false starts, he finally blurted out “I have a Small Dick.” I never thought I’d be speechless. It lasted about 30 seconds before curiosity kicked in.

     I asked him how small and he mumbled something. It must be  Small Dick if he couldn’t even say it out loud. I had to see his Baby Dick now.

I crouched in front of him and started tugging his zipper down. He put his hands on mine and tried to stop me but I slapped them away. I slipped my fingers through the opening and I felt nothing but fabric and a small bulge. Looking at him he couldn’t even face me. I told him to stand up. As he did I pulled his pants down.

A little nub was staring back at me. I burst out laughing and flicked it. I noticed him getting harder the longer I laughed. He liked this. Getting a naughty idea I dragged him upstairs. I sat him on the bed and got undressed. Walking to my dresser I got out my 12-inch dildo. I went to Rob and held the dildo beside his tiny Small Dick.

     “I know which dick is worthy of my pussy,” I told him as I got on the bed.

     Rob watched as I spread my legs and rubbed the dildo against my pussy.

I opened my pussy lips and slipped the tip inside.  Rob’s tiny dick was standing straight up now. Poor guy wasn’t a shower or a grower.

I got on my knees and positioned the dildo under my pussy. Rob started as I slowly lowered myself down. When half of it had gone in I raised myself back up and down again. I got a steady pace going and Rob began to jerk off.

     “You wouldn’t have to jerk off if you were a real man,” I said as I continued to fuck the dildo.

     Rob didn’t answer; he kept his head down while his fingers jerked at his Itsy Bitsy non-existent Small Dick.

     The dildo was filling me and stretching me. I was so wet it was sliding right inside and going a bit deeper each time. Feeling myself getting close I moved faster. Cumming loudly Rob looked at me. I lowered myself on the dildo as much as I could, getting most of it in. Rob was still jerking away.

     “You’ll never be able to fuck me like that. How could anyone woman ever be satisfied with you when this piece of rubber does a better job than you ever could?” I asked him before reaching over and knocking his hand off his dick.

     “It’s a waste of time touching that. Go home, I don’t need you.” I told him.

     I continued kneeling on the bed with the dildo shoved up me as he zipped his jeans up and left.

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