I love to take hot baths and feel the hot water and bubbles floating around my body. I love to slide deep in the water and just let my body soak. It makes me feel so sexy. After a long day at work I love a tall glass of champagne and hot bath. I light the scented candles  and take my time getting the water to its perfect temperature. I pour in my peach fragrant bubble bath and watch the bubbles build up. The room smells so good and the steam from the water floats through the air. I think I’ll open the bathroom door a bit and let some of this steam out. There’s no one else home but me and my teen-aged son. I know he likes to peek at me while I’m taking a bath or getting out of the shower.  I don’t mind. It makes me feel very sexy. Sometimes I even put on a show for him. I know he’s there standing in the dark hallway just looking at me and playing with himself.

So I take off my robe and let it drop on the floor. I smooth my hands over my naked body. I know he’s sees me. I know he likes it. I raise my leg high so he can see the inside of my thigh and just a hint of my pussy. I’m such a tease. I point my toe and step my foot in the water. Ooh it tingles. I step completely in the tub and gently squat and lower my ass into the water. Ooh it feels so good knowing he’s watching me. I play in the water knowing that he’s stroking his cock and fantasizing about stroking mommy. I lift my leg high and lather my long calves and sexy thighs and wiggle my toes.  I splash my leg back in the water and lift it high again so he can see the glistening water drip down. The bathroom door opens wider and slowly. I know he’s there. When the light from the doorway hits his face I act surprised and pull bubbles to cover my tits. I am a tease. “Oh honey, I didn’t know you were here. I thought you would be hanging out with your friends.” He stared at me and said quietly, “I’d rather be here with you, mommy, just in case you need me for anything.” “Oh thanks sweetie. I do need a little help. Would you mind washing mommy’s back?” With a panting breath he uttered, ” I would love to wash your back mommy.” Our dance had begun. I saw how big the bulge was in his jeans so I made a suggestion. “Honey, why don’t you take those tight pants off so you can be more comfortable and not get your clothes soaked. Take your shirt off too. OK?” He started his striptease. “Yes maam, I will.” I pull his T-shirt off and flaunted his tight abs and muscular arms. Mmm….my nipples are getting hard. Then he slowly unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles and kick them across the floor. Standing there in his white brief with a bulge as big as a fist he walked over to me and sat on the edge of the tub. He sipped my champagne and poured scented soft soap on my back and began to rub it in with his hands. I was so turned on. “Do you like that Mommy?”  “Oh yes, baby Mommy loves it.” “Good, then lay back and let me wash your titties.” I laid back and he rubbed my tits and squeezed my nipples with the soap. His cock was peeking through his briefs so I started to stroke it. He stood up and let me pull them off and his huge cocked popped up. It was so hard and we were both so horny for each other. I opened my mouth and let him slide his cock in. It was natural. He pumped it back and forth and thrust it to the back of my throat. He got in the tub with me and slide his hands around my waist and pulled my hips closer to him. He’s so strong and so hung. He lifted my ass and slide his cock right inside my pussy and started fucking me. Being on top of him and having him bounce my ass up and down in the water on his cock made my pussy so wet. It felt so good with the water moving back and forth with my pussy and his cock. He sucked my tits and made me moan. I stood up and leaned my body against the tiled wall. He stood up and spread my legs and my ass cheeks and rubbed his cock against my ass. “Do you want it in your ass, mommy?” I screamed, “Yes, baby….fuck mommy in the ass….fuck me hard.” He rammed his big throbbing cock and fuck me so hard and came even harder. He turned me around and kissed me rubbed my titties. He slid his finger in my ass and felt all the cum inside and said, “Mommy, do you like having my cum inside your ass?” “Yes baby, I do.” He smiled. “Next time can I slide my cock between your tits and squirt my cum on your tits and in your face? Would you like that?” I said, “Mommy loves you, son. And you can squirt your cum anywhere you want on my body. And anytime you smell my scented bubble bath and see the steam from the bathroom floating through the hall, just know that you are always welcomed to cum in. IT’S BATH TIME with MOMMY.

Written by GENIE