I’ve had my fair share of admirers. I don’t mind at all, its flattering having all these men look as I walk by. I’ve never felt as if it would take a turn for the worse and leave me in fear for my safety. Until now…

Today was like any other day. I got up, grabbed a water and headed out for the gym. I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, and had an amazing work out! I usually stop for an energy smoothie on my way home but I’m trying these new at home smoothies so I headed straight for my house. I quickly made my smoothie in the kitchen and started stripping off my sweaty clothes as I head to take a shower. I noticed my closet door wasn’t closed all the way but didn’t think anything of it. I shut it and went on into the bathroom, fully naked now.

I start to get an uneasy feeling while I’m washing my hair ~ Like someone was watching me. So, I look out and nothing. I chalk it up as me being a big scardy and finish my lathering up. I wrap my towel around my body and step out into the steam filled bathroom. I use the corner of the towel to wipe down the mirror so I can see myself and there is a man standing behind me! He’s dressed just as any man walking down the street but has an evil look in his eye. Before I could even react he had my blow dryer cord wrapped around my neck and was slapping handcuffs on my wrists behind my back. He uses the cord as a leash of sorts and drags me out to my bed. He throws me down and my towel falls to my sides. I can see his erection through his pants as he begins to undo them. I am struggling with all my might but cannot break free from the handcuffs. When I bring my feet up to kick him he grabs my ankles with such force, I’m sure there will be bruises! His knees are now holding down my legs, I try to scream but it comes out muffled. He slaps me hard in the face, I’m silent. Its all happening so quickly but seems like an eternity. “Is he really going to rape me?” He shoves his cock inside of me hard. “Yes, he’s raping me” He has a purpose and at this point he fills me in, saying “You little bitch, you’re going to know what a good fuck is now, you like it don’t you?” I don’t respond and start to cry. He screams “You like it bitch, don’t you? I see you acting like a little slut submissive, this is how you can be a true submissive. TELL ME YOU WANT MY BIG COCK TO FUCK YOU” I’m crying as I whisper “I want your big cock to fuck me….. Please stop, don’t do this”

Oddly, as he is ramming his dick inside my pussy with all of his rage and force, I feel myself getting wet…. what is wrong with me? He notices “I knew you liked it you little slut!” and pulls the cord around my neck tighter. Now my tears are not just for the rape but for the fact that I may actually be getting off on this. My hips start to move without my direction, he slams his cock in harder – there’s my release! I cum with an explosion! “Good bitch, I’m going to cum on your face and you’re going to love it!” As he rips out his cock from my pussy, I feel empty. He moves to my face and is stroking his cock hard and fast, looking right into my eyes. The cum showers my face and almost by instinct I open my mouth. He gives me a HARD slap on the face and says “Be a good bitch and keep your mouth shut, I know you liked it and I will be back when you least expect it.”

And he’s gone.