Interracial Sex Stories With The Young Boy Down The Street

Interracial Sex Stories are arousing in their own right. However, when I am surprised at a bachelorette party by some young black entertainment I find myself addicted to the particular nerdy black taste. 

I had seen him around the neighborhood, this nerdy little boy. He always wore multi-colored socks, bow ties, and a hat with a helicopter on it. It was a really peculiar way to dress for a child of his age. However, there was something adorable about him, but also something that made me want to just wrap my body around him and make him feel every last bit of love that I had in me. His name was Scooter, and he was such a handsome little nerd. So imagine my surprise whenever I wound up wearing a very tight dress at a bachelorette party and running into Scooter. No Scooter wasn’t there dropping his mother off, or helping serve hors-d’oeuvres. Scooter, was the entertainment.

In front of me stat this beautiful black little boy looking terrified holding nothing more than paper around his body. I giggled and laughed with all the other women as they stood fighting on the stage. But boy as that paper began to pop a tent up all of us only had one thing on our mind. We wanted to see what Scooter was hiding behind the curtain.

We all began to come closer towards him, there was no way for him to escape.

Shreds of paper were ripped from him as we tossed them into the air. We laughed and chuckled and ripped the paper as he struggled to try to hold it on. We began to coach him and kiss at him, laughing and begging for more of him.

“Scooter, just let us see your big package,” we begged of him. I don’t know if this kid was just that well endowed but there was no way for him to hide his boner from us. As we laughed and chuckled our tits jumped and hopped in our dresses. Our lipsticked lips kissed all over his body. This all while our fingernails tickled up his sides and on his armpits. Finally, we encouraged him to just let go. After all, we wanted to see every last inch of Scooter. We demanded to see what he was hiding and we really wanted to play with him. However, he just wasn’t letting us past. What a tease Scooter was. I dream about having that boy every time I see him toss the paper on his route. I dream about being able to just ride his young dick.

One day I’m going to be able to have Scooter. I’m going to take him for every last drop of semen he has in his balls. There’s never going to be a way for him to tell me no, I’m just going to take it and he’s going to Feel So Satisfied that he won’t feel violated. Perhaps he will become addicted to interracial sex stories as well.

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